Ranking the 37 most-important NBA trades, free agent moves that will shake up 2019-20 season

Wow how much has the league changed in the matter of 12 days?

With all earth-shattering player movement since the 2019 NBA free agency began (and a once-in-a-generation NBA Draft), there’s a lot of excitement and buzz in the cities where the new players will represent their new franchises.

We’re looking at Anthony Davis teaming up with LeBron James in a Lakers jersey, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George going home to the Los Angeles area, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving taking their craft to Brooklyn and Zion Williamson bringing his potential to New Orleans.

With that, fans are already clamoring for the new season to start and it’s not even August yet. With Zion shut down for the summer league, the Pelicans, Lakers, Nets, Clippers and NBA fans are keeping themselves busy consuming any eadingand all information about their teams’ prospects with the incoming players.

The 37 Biggest Moves in 2019 NBA Off Season

Here’s a guide on where all the top free agent moves and signings that have been completed thus far in the off-season.

We’ve divided these 36 landscape-shifting NBA transactions from the 2019 off season into tiers. We also positioned them into those three tiers of superstars, all-stars, and impact players.

Yes, there are that many trades, signings and draft picks that will have a significant effect on the NBA next season.

And yes, we ranked them from the most earth-shattering signings to (relatively) minor shock waves.

Superstar Movements 2019
# Player Move New Team Jersey No.
1 Kevin Durant Sign & Trade Brooklyn Nets Jersey #7
1 Kawhi Leonard FA Signing Los Angeles Clippers #2
3 Anthony Davis Trade Los Angeles Lakers #3 jersey
4 Paul George Trade to Los Angeles Clippers N/A
5 Russell Westbrook Traded to Houston Rockets NA
6 Kyrie Irving FA Signing Brooklyn Nets Jersey #11

Updated to include Westbrook-Paul trade

Even though Durant is injured and won’t play until the following season, his signing signifies a shift of power – mostly away from the Bay Area. He’s the most-gifted offensive player of this generation and his signing with the Nets brought in Kyrie and DeAndre Jordan. Equally as important was Kawhi Leonard’s move to the Clippers which not only neutered the Toronto Raptors, but coerced Paul George to join him in their native Southern California.

NBA All-Stars Trades and Signings, 2019
# Player Move New Team Jersey No.
7 Kemba Walker Sign & Trade Boston Celtics Jersey #8
8 Chris Paul Traded to Oklahoma City Thunder NA
9 Zion Williamson Drafted New Orleans Pelicans #1 jersey
10 D'Angelo Russell Sign & Trade Golden State Warriors N/A
11 Mike Conley Jr. Traded to Utah Jazz N/A
12 Jimmy Butler Sign & Trade to Miami Heat N/A
13 Hassan Whiteside Sign & Trade Portland Trailblazers N/A
14 DeAndre Jordan FA Signing with Brooklyn Nets N/A
15 Al Horford FA Signing Philadelphia 76ers #42

With the Boston Celtics, it’s addition by subtraction plus addition. Meaning when Kyrie moved to Brooklyn, the city and roster released a sigh of relief. That along with the addition of Kemba Walker to replace him at the guard position, the Celtics should be in the race again without the drama.

Other Star Moves, Trades and Signings 2019
# Player Move New Team Jersey No.
16 Julius Randle FA Signing with New York Knicks N/A
17 Ja Morant Drafted Memphis Grizzlies #12
18 RJ Barrett Drafted New York Knicks Knicks #9
19 Bojan Bogdanovic FA Signing Utah Jazz N/A
20 Brandon Ingram Traded New Orleans Pelicans N/A
21 Malcolm Brogdon Sign & Trade Indiana Pacers N/A
22 DeMarcus Cousins FA Signing Los Angeles Lakers N/A
23 Isaiah Thomas FA Signed Washington Wizards NA
24 Terry Rozier Sign & Trade Charlotte Hornets N/A
25 Ricky Rubio Trade to Phoenix Suns NA
26 Andre Iguodala Trade Memphis Grizzlies N/A
27 Bobby Portis FA Signing New York Knicks N/A
28 Josh Richardson Traded to Philadelphia 76ers N/A
29 Derrick Favors Trade New Orleans Pelicans N/A
30 Willie Cauley-Stein FA Signing with Golden State Warriors NA
31 Lonzo Ball Trade New Orleans Pelicans N/A
32 T.J. Warren Traded to Indiana Pacers N/A
33 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Trade Oklahoma City Thunder N/A
34 Danilo Gallinari Trade Oklahoma City Thunder N/A
35 Seth Curry FA signs with Dallas Mavericks NA
36 Avery Bradley FA Signing Los Angeles Lakers NA
37 Tyson Chandler FA Signing Los Angeles Lakers NA

Jazz, Pacers, Other Teams Made Big Moves, Too

As much as Durant, Kawhi and Anthony Davis got a lot of the attention during the early signings, you can clearly see from the list above that they’re not the only major moves impacting the league next year.

With so many big name superstars soaking up all the news that you would be forgiven how great the Utah Jazz will be after adding Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanovic to their solid core, how crucial DeAndre Jordan will be for the Nets, how Julius Randle‘s signing with the New York Knicks is nothing to sneeze at, how Indiana bolstered their squad with Malcolm Brogdon and T.J. Warren, and how Hassan Whiteside just upgraded an already very good Portland Trailblazers team that went to the Western Conference Finals.

With the free agent pool thinning out by the day, the he easy part is coming to the end. Now it’s about how all these new players fit together with their new teams.

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