The best NBA mobile apps for sports bettors

With some of the best players in the NBA combining their talents, Chris Paul joining James Harden and Paul George teaming up with Russell Westbrook, to gear up to challenge the Golden State Warriors for their NBA championship, the upcoming season may be one of the most intriguing in league history.

NBA fans have an opportunity to amplify that excitement by puttng money down on the NBA. Just like everything else, sports bettors have tools at their disposal to achieve success when betting the NBA, including these apps, which are the five best NBA betting apps for sports bettors, including apps to bet on the NBA, research the league, and anything else you need to win.

NBA Official App Before you can place a winning wager on the NBA, you need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about the two teams doing battle on the court. The NBA’s official app is perfect for researching the league, featuring standings, statistics, and highlights from previous games. Bettors can also access their NBA League Pass subscriptions through the NBA app, allowing them to watch full games, so that they can either track the games that they have already wagered on, or so they can watch teams that they do not normally watch for the purpose of gathering information on them for future wagers. While other sports coverage apps can provide info on the NBA, nobody else has the depth of information that the NBA app does.

DraftKings Mobile If betting on spreads and totals has become tiresome, or you’re just looking for a way to change things up with your NBA betting, the DraftKings iOS and Android app is a fun way to mix things up. The daily fantasy sports giant allows players to draft a lineup that falls within their predetermined salary cap, with the statistics of each player translating into point totals that need to beat those of other users for you to win. DraftKings has contests with low buy-ins, allowing players to have action without incurring a high risk and, the best part about DraftKings, it’s completely legal, even in the United States in spite of its draconian laws against online wagering.

BetOnline U.S. Mobile Sportsbook There isn’t much debate that BetOnline is the best offshore bookmaker for residents of the United States, and their mobile site is perfect for Americans looking to wager on the go. BetOnline offers a massive array of NBA betting markets, including props, specials, and futures, as well as a great selection of live betting, with constantly updated odds. The mobile betslips at BetOnline make it easy to select multiple bets at the same time, so you can either parlay them or place a number of straight bets without having to go through too many screens. BetOnline also accepts a number of different deposit options, including bitcoin, which is great for American bettors who may not be able to use their credit cards due to government restrictions.

GoodBookey Charity Betting App Charity and sports betting don’t tend to go hand-in-hand in the eyes of many people, but GoodBookey is doing their part to change that, by offering social betting for charity. With GoodBookey, players can choose a sporting event, and a nonprofit that they would want to donate to. After choosing a dollar amount to wager against a friend, the loser of the bet donates that agreed upon dollar amount to the non-profit that they chose at the beginning of the process. This is a great way to battle for bragging rights with friends when betting on the NBA, with the added bonus of those bragging rights being contested for a good cause, all while getting the NBA action you crave.

Bet365 Mobile For NBA bettors living outside of the United States, Bet365 is the app for you. Bet365 rewards parlay bettors with bonuses of up to 50% on winnings earned from NBA parlays, making a potentially lucrative payday even more so. They also offer unparalleled live betting, just as they do across the rest of the world of sports. But the biggest draw to Bet365 for NBA bettors is their live streaming services, which provide bettors with live video streaming of the NBA season, including the playoffs, so you can bet on the NBA and watch the NBA from one convenient location. There is a reason that Bet365 is one of the most trusted brands in sports betting, and they certainly provide evidence as to why with their NBA betting options.

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