The app-ropriate way to bet on basketball

Basketball is among the most popular sports across the world. Even with a limited number of international teams, the game is often followed and played regionally within countries with enthusiasm and fervor. Names like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson have gone down the history books as legends and are are known outside of basketball. Along with the iconic status of the NBA, they have become household names even in countries where the sport is not common.

It is because of this that basketball is a favorite with bettors and bookmaker and with NBA becoming the first professional league to tie up with a casino, the betting aspect on basketball just went up by leaps and bounds. However, for a novice or even an amateur, deciding between the bets and various online casinos can be a daunting task. Fear not though for all that is required is a basic understanding of the requirements and a closer look at all the offers, and anyone can pick the best deals available. With advancements in technology, it has become simpler to place bets, and many casinos have betting apps that further enhance the experience and make it all the more enjoyable.

Paddy Power

One of the most well-known UK betting apps, Paddy Power takes basketball betting to a whole new level. Ample bonuses and promotions mean that the unexpected but delightful performance of the Swedish Jonas Jerebko in a recent game that led to the Golden State Warriors defeating Utah Jazz can lead to higher profits for a punter. Utah Jazz who are listed at +192 odds to win the Northwest Division didn’t see this coming, and similarly, the ever-changing fortunes of the leading NBA teams can be quite profitable with no-deposit offers galore such as the £20 Risk-Free First Bet, provided to newcomers. There is always an excellent way available to start your betting journey with a right margin once you know where to look.


Another betting institution in the UK, Ladbrokes is chock-a-block full of incentives and bonuses for bettors. The up to 50 Matched Free bets that the casino offers is an excellent deal that can be used to increase profits in the simplest of ways. With the NBA seasons gaining ground, this is the perfect time to use this offer and add to the joy of having your team win a game.


One of the highlights of incentives provided by bookmakers is that a bettor can start playing without having to invest anything at first. The free bet no deposit offers are an integral part of the industry as it allows newcomers to enter the market risk-free. SportingBet provides its customers with Back-Up bets that add to the winnings as you can go ahead and bet on teams like the LA Lakers with 22/1 odds to win the NBA championship this year or the Boston Celtics with odds of 7/1 and make yourself a nifty profit in the end.


A UK betting app that stands by its tagline of “raising the game” gives its patrons an abundance of offers that they can use. Free money in the form of bonuses is always appreciated, and a supplement of £20 on a small initial bet can go a long way. So whether it is the Huston Rockets, labelled to win the NBA at 12/1 or the Golden State Warriors at 11/18, the ease of betting in addition to the no-deposit offers is ideal to jump into the action that surrounds basketball.


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