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The 49 fastest players to score 20,000 NBA points (updated)

dirk nowitzki kobe bryant, and ray allen are all apart of the 20,000 point club

When LeBron James hit the 20,000 point milestone back in 2013, he became the youngest to do so, but does youngest mean he was also the fastest NBA player to score 20,000 points?

The short answer is: No. Not when measuring speed by games played as the marker of “fastest” that takes out the variable factors of a players’ birthdays not to mention when a player enters the league whether from high school, after their Freshman year or stayed all four years in college.

There’s a marked difference between youngest and fastest when it comes to reaching scoring milestones. That’s not to say youngest isn’t impressive, they’re just different.

NBA players fastest to 20,000 points

Here’s the complete list of the 40+ NBA players that have scored 20,000 points in their NBA careers. The list is sorted by how many games they needed to reach the twenty-thousand point barrier with the exact dates they hit that mark (when available*), and how many seasons it took.

NBA Players with 20,000 Points
Fastest Player Games Date Season Info
1  Wilt Chamberlain 499 1965-66 season 7th more>
2  Michael Jordan 620 01/08/1993 9th more>
3  Oscar Robertson 671 1968-69 season 9th more>
4  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 684 1976-77 season 9th more>
5  Elgin Baylor 711 1968-69 season 11th more>
6  Allen Iverson 713  01/23/2007 11th more>
7  Jerry West ~720  12/19/1970 11th more>
8 LeBron James 726 01/16/2013 10th more>
9 Shaquille O’Neal 727  03/20/2003 11th more>
10 Kevin Durant 737 01/10/2018 11th more
11  George Gervin 747  01/11/1986 10th more>
12 Bob Petit ~760  11/13/1964 11th more>
13  Dominique Wilkins 763  11/05/1992 10th more>
14  Karl Malone 772  01/20/1995  10th more>
15  Adrian Dantley 775 12/11/1987 12th more>
16  Carmelo Anthony 793 11/02/2014 11th more>
17 James Harden 802 01/11/2020 11th more>
18 Larry Bird 809 11/30/1990 12th more>
19 Kobe Bryant 811 12/23/2007 12th more>
20 Steph Curry 823 03/10/2022 13th more>
21 David Robinson 824 03/05/2002 12th more>
22 Hakeem Olajuwon 833 11/11/1995 12th more>
23 Moses Malone 837 04/12/1987 11th more>
24 Elvin Hayes ~840 1978-79 season 10th more>
25 Dwyane Wade 844 03/19/2016 13th more>
26 Patrick Ewing 845  11/19/1996 12th more>
27 Charles Barkley 858  02/08/1996 12th more>
28 Russell Westbrook 864  02/06/2020 12th more>
29 Dirk Nowitzki 876  01/13/2010 12th more>
30 Vince Carter 884 01/17/2011 13th more>
31 Paul Pierce 889 11/10/2010 12th more>
32 Mitch Richmond 900 02/02/2001 13th more>
33 Alex English 903  01/06/1988 12th more>
34 John Havlicek 915  1973-74 season 12th more>
35 Tim Duncan 938 01/22/2012 13th more>
36 Clyde Drexler 967  11/24/1996 13th more>
37 Kevin Garnett 979 03/09/2008 13th more>
38 Ray Allen 964 12/10/2009 14th more>
39 Walt Bellamy 971 1973-74 season 13th more>
40 Hal Greer 981 1970-71 season 13th more>
41 Reggie Miller 1021 11/17/2000 14th more>
42 LaMarcus Aldridge 1035 10/29/2021 16th more>
43 Antawn Jamison 1070 12/13/2013 16th more>
44 Tom Chambers 1090  04/15/1995 14th more>
45 Chris Paul 1092 10/23/2021 17th more>
46 Gary Payton 1113 11/11/2004 15th more>
47 Robert Parish 1215 01/17/1992 16th more>
48 Joe Johnson 1219 04/08/2017 16th more>
49 Pau Gasol 1219 04/13/2017 16th more>


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No surprise that Wilt Chamberlain heads this list. With his otherworldly scoring averages, Wilt was the only player to net 20,000 points in 7 seasons (499 games). The next fastest to 20,000 was Michael Jordan, but he needed 9 seasons and 620 games, a full 121 games more than Chamberlain.

This list is as much a showcase of some of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, players such as Wilt, Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone and Allen Iverson, as it is to those players that consistently put up solid numbers year after year.

Next up? Tony Parker is 2000+ away from 20,000, but with a declining role in San Antonio and Kevin Durant right behind him, look for Durant to leap frog Parker and hit the milestone sometime in early 2017-18.

There are plenty of players that weren’t as prolific scorers as a George Gervin, Shaquille O’Neal, Adrian Dantley, Bob Petit, or Dominique Wilkins, but their long careers help them inch up the list.

Players like Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, and Robert Parish made this list in large part to the longevity of their careers. Parish, for example, never averaged more than 19.9 points per game, but the “Chief” methodically dropped in 20,000 points after 16 seasons and 1215 games.

Miller and Payton only averaged more than 24 points in one season during their careers. Otherwise, they were rarely injured, allowing them to put up all-star numbers seasons after season.

With so many NBA superstars that have passed through the league in the last several decades, this elite club is surprisingly small. Tom Chambers and Vince Carter make the list and Antwan Jamison will likely join them later this year or next, while Hall of Fame players like Isiah Thomas, Dr. J, Kevin McHale, Scottie Pippen, Rick Barry, John Stockton, and James Worthy missed the cut?

It’s really a tribute to the players on the list.

* For players from 1970’s and before, individual box scores weren’t available and exact data was difficult to come by, but I was able to approximate the game in which they hit the milestone by using their season’s scoring average. See anything off? Have some tips? Please contact me.


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