The 3 reasons why ESPN is betting big on NBA and basketball content

ESPN has a good number of sports to cover, and hosts everything from soccer, car racing, golf to even cricket. Having said that, what is it that is making ESPN bet big on basketball?

Coming as a pleasant surprise for basketball fans all over the world, ESPN has announced that it will magnifying its content in basketball to almost twice the existing number. The new ventures of ESPN (partnering with NetFlix) include a 10-hour documentary series about Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls popularized by the name “The Last Dance”.

Another notable launch will be “Basketball: A Love Story” which will honour some of the most notable players of the game, and something every sports lover would want to watch. “Detail” will feature the former professional basketball player, Kobe Bryant who will elaborate on the current playoffs in the game. It’s really something basketball fans would love, especially given the fact that ESPN didn’t really think basketball to be a revenue generator in the recent past.

The Top 3 Reasons ESPN Loves Basketball Now

Here are three main reasons why ESPN has decided to invest in producing more content related to basketball:

  1. Social Media Popularity

The total number of social media followers of NBA combining the platform of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is estimated to more than 65 million with thousands being added everyday throughout the world. This number is much more than NFL and MLB who have 25 million and 50 million followers respectively.

The massive social media following has given the required push to the ESPN team to provide better and more indulging content to justify the generous fan following of basketball. And by doing so, ESPN can just develop a competitive edge over its competitors, who are trying bringing out their own basketball content.

  1. Basketball Fans are Young and Energetic-

More than a quarter fans of basketball are the youth lying in the age group of 18-34. They serve as the ideal audience for this popular sports channel. Since the youth of the world are more in tune with technology and its uses, they will be able to access the fresh content via the digital platform of the channel as well.

  1. NBA’s Basketball Players are a Buzz

To top the statistics, 13 of the most popular athletes around the globe are NBA’s players. Each of these individually enjoys a massive fan following on all their social media accounts. The American athlete with the highest number of followers is LeBron James who belongs to NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. His followers are estimated to be around a 100 million which is four times the number of followers enjoyed by NBA alone. Also, they are one of the highest paid athletes in the world.

ESPN And Basketball

Taking all these factors into consideration, it is a wise and profitable move for ESPN to widen its boundaries when it comes to the game of basketball. The announcement has been received by open arms and smiling faces of basketball fans throughout the world.

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