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The 2022 Los Angeles Lakers have a combined 60 NBA-All appearances

Deandre Jordan’s time with the Brooklyn Nets has ended. The former NBA all-star has just been traded to the Detroit Pistons who plan on buying out the 6-11 center. It’s been reported that the 33-year old will then sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

If that’s true, Jordan would be joining other big name signings that the Lakers have brought on this off-season including Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo. These five former NBA all-stars join a roster that already includes Lebron James, Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol; making for a potential rotation that has eight former and present NBA All-Stars.

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In their prime, this roster would be easily be the best bet in Las Vegas favorites to win the NBA championship. With LeBron, AD, Westbrook, Melo, Howard, and the others, the odds are even better than casino games such as blackjack, GGPoker poker games, craps, and roulette. at the height of their powers, collectively this team has as more talent and ability than most USA Olympic basketball teams.

The problem for the Lakers? It’s not 2015 anymore and many of the aforementioned players are past their prime. Five of them are going to thirty-five years old when the season starts. Here’s those Laker all-stars and their age going into the 2021-22 NBA season.

Player Age All-Star NBA Titles
Carmelo Anthony 37 10x 0
LeBron James 36 17x 4
Marc Gasol 36 3x 1
Dwight Howard 35 8x 1
Rajon Rondo 35 4x 2
DeAndre Jordan 33 1x 0
Russell Westbrook 32 9x 0
Anthony Davis 28 8x 1

Given many of these players are past their prime, the Lakers collectively are still considered one of the favorites to win the NBA championship. But are they too old to win? Including all players they added, they now have six players 35 years or older on their roster. Can their bodies hold up? Will they be able to accept smaller roles under the huge shadow of Lebron James? Those are the outstanding questions.

It’s well-reported that the 37 year old Anthony and 32 year old Westbrook in particular both have huge holes on their resumes; having never won an NBA championship. This could be these future hall-of-famers best shot at a title, but it all depends on whether the new look Lakers can work together.

In order for the Lakers to reach those heights, each former NBA All Star must find a role where they can consistently contribute then the Lakers will be a problem come the NBA Playoffs. They have 82 games to figure it out because the Lakers window is this season. At the age of some of these players, no one would be surprised if Gasol or Rondo hung it up after this season. And most of these players will no longer be in the league in three years.

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