Stream live NBA games with league’s new $6.99-per-month streaming service

The NBA offers another streaming product and shooting for more revenue. through streaming subscriptions

Streaming services isn’t just the future, but it’s already the present with services like Netflix, HULU, and HBO Go.

With all the hoopla around the release of Disney+, it’s confirmation that streaming is here to stay. Now the NBA will be the third American sports league to launch a streaming service that allows fans to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to have access to 100+ live NBA games, past shows, and original programming.

Certainly, the ability to watch nearly every game from the comfort of your home or phone makes your home feel like a sports book that you might see in a casino, and makes online gambling via sites like and other virtual gambling sites easier.

An NBA Streaming Service for Fraction of League Pass

Last year, the National Football League unveiled the NFL Network which carried a $4.99-per-month subscription price — but it was limited to mobile platforms. The MLB put out MLB.TV, but at a high price point of $25 per month.

According to the press release:

The subscription service is a direct-to-consumer version of NBA TV, the television channel managed by the NBA and Turner Sports, which like CNN, is owned by WarnerMedia.

This product isn’t exactly new nor is it he league’s first move into the streaming subscription arena. Many NBA fans are already aware of NBA League Pass, which allows subscribers to watch through their cable provider, stream almost any game, or using Chromecast at he cost of $199.99 per year. This new service’s new pricing structure of $6.99 certainly makes the NBA more accessible than plunking down $200 all at once.

Stream More Than NBA Games

On top of the to live basketball games, customers of the new NBA streaming service will have programming like  “The Warm Up,” pregame show, the “NBA Crunchtime” nightly show ” and popular shows like “Shaqtin’ A Fool.” available to them whenever they want to watch.

As mentioned, once the programming or game has completed, the app will make these available, and this all include every game of the NBA Finals from the last two decades (2000 to 2019).

This new NBA TV streaming subscription service will run $6.99 per month or users can save $14 if they choose to pay the annual pricing $59.99 for the year. The NBA TV app is already accessible on streaming Internet devices such as Apple TV, mobile devices, and Roku.

If those aren’t available to the user, the streaming service can also be accessed on so that the programming and live games can be viewed on Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari or compatible web browsers.

“NBA TV is the ultimate destination for around-the-clock access to premium NBA games and programming,” said Chris Benyarko, the NBA’s SVP of Direct to Consumer. “We are thrilled to offer more ways than ever to access NBA TV and provide a preview of the future live game viewing experience.”

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