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What were Scoot Henderson’s stats in the G-League?

Scoot Henderson, a highly talented prospect has been generating considerable attention and acclaim in the NBA circles. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Scoot quickly emerged as a prodigy during his high school years. As a standout point guard, he gained national recognition for his exceptional skills, athleticism, and court vision. Henderson attended Kell High School in Marietta, Georgia, where he turned into a five-star prospect and the #1 ranked point guard going into his Senior Year.

Going into this year’s NBA Draft, Scoot is likely to be chosen with the 2nd or 3rd pick. The latter being more likely, the Portland Trail Blazers odds of getting Scoot is high considering they have the 3rd selection in the 2023 NBA Draft. If the Blazers can’t take, Scoot will team up with LaMelo Ball in Charlotte’s backcourt. The Hornets have the second overall pick.

From High School Junior to the G-League

In a surprising move, the 6-3 Scoot Henderson decided to forgo his senior year of high school and reclassify which made the teenage eligible for the 2023 NBA Draft. This decision highlighted his confidence in his abilities and desire to accelerate his professional career. So instead of playing out his Senior year, Henderson opted to sign with the NBA G League Ignite, a development team aimed at preparing elite prospects for professional basketball careers. Henderson signed a high profile two year contract that was worth $500,000 per season. That salary isn’t common in the G-League, considering his prospects, Scoot’s annual salary is more than 10x what the average G-League player makes in a season.

Scoot Henderson’s G-League Stats

Since joining the NBA G League Ignite, Scoot Henderson has continued to showcase his immense talent on the court. With his exceptional scoring ability, playmaking skills, and defensive prowess, he has further garnered more attention of NBA scouts by averaging 16.5 points per game on 42.5% from the field, passing for 6.8 assists and pulling down 5.3 rebounds in 19 games this season. Scoot didn’t play the full season because he was shut down with five games left on the schedule.

Here’s Scoot Henderson’s full G-League stats according to

Scoot Henderson's G-Leageue Stats
Scoot Henderson 19 30.7 16.5 5.3 6.8 1.1 0.8 42.9 27.5 76.4 3.4 3.3

Up until recently, Scoot was the unanimous #2 selection behind the once-in-a-generation, long limbed Victor Wembanyama. Since then he’s fallen behind Arkansas’ Brandon Miller on some draft boards. That might be because Henderson’s uneven play, his poor three point percentage of 27.5% and 2-1 assist-to-turnover ratio requires more work. It’s important to note it’s not unusual for younger point guards to struggle with both three point shooting and turnovers.

Scoot Henderson’s rise to prominence in the basketball world has been nothing short of remarkable. From his standout performances in high school to his decision to pursue a professional career earlier than expected, Henderson has captured the attention of basketball experts.

As Scoot continues to develop his skills and gain valuable experience against other G-League and NBA players coupled with drive, fearlessness and competitiveness, his journey will undoubtedly be one to watch closely in the coming years. When talent is paired with the hunger to succeed and win, that usually is a formula for a good NBA bet on that player becoming an all-star.

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