‘Run Barbados’ marathon results in shocking finish, instant karma and viral video


As we do every so often, we step away from basketball news to share something extraordinary… if not extraordinary, then it’s something we find interesting enough to interrupt our regularly scheduled hoop content.

A video is quickly making it’s rounds online after a surprising finish to the 2016 Run Barbados Marathon this past weekend. Tonya Nero from Trinidad & Tabago snatched the victory (along with their souls) away from Natasha Wodak and Lanni Marchant in a shocking finish to the 10K race.

The two were literally moments.. milliseconds away from breaking the ribbon and finishing as the winners of the race when Tonya Nero took advantage of their premature celebration; she pumped, pumped and pumped until she past them for a crazy and shocking, and satisfying conclusion.

Even if I spoiled the ending for you, it’s still soooooo worth watching the video:

Actually, it’s worth watching five or twelve times. There’s something beautiful about watching karma happen. Not saying that Marchant or Wodak are bad people that deserve anything negative, but their premature celebration being usurped by the purity of effort, never-give-up attitude and competition is something we can all appreciate.

Someone shared this on Facebook. The video has almost 10,000,000 views and thousands of shares already.

The video begins with Wodak and Marchant nearing the finish line in what looks like an insurmountable lead. As the two marathoners realize that they’re going to finish on top, together, one of them offers their hand so they both can cross the finish line together.

At this point, you can see Nero on the left hand side of the video coming up quickly. As Wodak and Marchant smile and raise their hands ready to break across the line with one another, Nero overtakes them.

After Nero crashes through the finish, you can clearly see the wide open mouths of the shocked Marchant and Wodak in the blurry video. Yes, that’s when your mouth smiled a little bit.

shock-and-awe-at-barbados-marathon-upset-run source: Stuarte.co


Nero collapses after sprinting the last several dozen meters to catch up with the two. And it paid off, it seems as Nero won the race by less than a meter. Unofficially (unconfirmed), she beat the two by just one second 36:36 to 36:37 to take the first place finish in the 2016 Colombian Emeralds International 10K (which is a part of the Run Barbados Marathon Weekend)

The races are held in celebration of the Barbados’ 50th anniversary. When the organizers prepared this celebratory race, they couldn’t have hoped for a more memorable finish. What is a local, regional event has become international news.

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