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Interbasket Talks with Lebanese star-guard Rony Fahed

Rony Fahed calls a play for team Hey Rony, thanks so much for taking time out to talk to Interbasket, we all really do appreciate your time and hope you all the best.
Rony Fahed: No problem, my pleasure..

IBN: Rony, how would you describe yourself as a basketball player?
Fahed: First, I am a team player that fears no one, plays with my heart and brain, I am quick and i like to shoot the three, find other teammates and make them look better, I want to win everytime i play this game…

IBN: Do you have a nickname?
Fahed: Not a specific one, but sometimes they call me “big heart”

IBN: Where are the places that basketball has taken you, and which countries/cities have you enjoyed the most?
Fahed: So many places; India, China, Japan, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, Dubai, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and USA. The place I enjoyed the most was the USA during 2002 world championship.

IBN: What is your favourite basketball move?
Fahed: Coming off the pick and roll and make things happen…

IBN: How would you rate yourself in the last world cup and are you happy about lebanon result?
Fahed: I think i had a pretty good tournament, people were proud of me and the national team, and considering the war and its circumstances we did a great job.

IBN: Who on the Lebanese national team has the most potential to be in the nba other than Fadi?
Fahed: I think Joe Vogel has the potential, and myself, if I am at my best.

IBN: What is it like playing alongside Fadi El Khatib?
Fahed: It is just great,playing alongside him make things easier,Fady and I did some many things together for our national team ,i hope this year we will win with blue stars every tournament we play in

IBN: Are you currently living in Lebanon?
Fahed: yes

IBN: What does Blue Stars need to be able to beat Riyadi?
Fahed: The right chemistry

IBN: Do you think sagesse will be back this season or they are over ??
Fahed: Sagesse is never over…

IBN: what were you thinking when you took those two 3-pointers against qatar last year when the score was 69-69?
Fahed: Actually there was no time to think, the decision was last second. I was feeling it from the begining of the game, but what I know is that i am not afraid to take those kinda of shots anytime and against whomever.

IBN: How would you describe the current status of basketball in Lebanon and what we might see from Lebanon in the future?
Fahed: we have a very good basket ball,we prove it and the junior national team did prove it also by qualifying to the world championship this year,but needs new ideas to improve the league and more sponsorchip,we need to be 100% professional..

IBN: You played against the philippines,what can you tell us about that team?
Fahed: Very organised and quick team, they shoot the three very well and play together.

IBN: Who were your idols growing up and influenced you to play basketball? In Lebanon and outside of Lebanon?
Fahed: From Lebanon was Tony Baroud, and outside Lebanon, from the NBA, Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson.

IBN: Who is the best player you have played with? Against?
Fahed: With Danny Johnson and against Manu Ginobili

IBN: Who do you think is the best player in the world? Asia?
Fahed: Kobe Bryant, and Yao Ming in asia

IBN: Who’s the best guard in Asia?
Fahed: Well, i think i am

IBN: Do you ever see yourself in the NBA?
Fahed: It’s the best, I always imagine to have a shot and see how is it like.

IBN: There were rumours that you had offers to play in europe, can you tell us if they were true and a little something about them??
Fahed: It is true, I got some offers, First it was a team from Turkey, and then from a team from Czech Republic, but i still have one year with Blue Stars.

IBN: Again thanks for your time Rony, we at Interbasket wish you the best of luck. Hopefully we’ll see you soon again.
Fahed: Thanks for everyone, I think it was nice interview, hope you will like it…

IBN: I am certain we will…

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