March Madness

Printable College Basketball Brackets (PDF) for March Madness

Printable College Basketball Brackets (PDF)
The Biden Bracket

If you are looking for printable college basketball brackets (PDF) for March Madness, you’ve come to the right place. I went through and listed some of the sites that I’ve used over the years to get quality men’s basketball brackets. That includes Interbasket of course. If for some reason the bracket isn’t saved on the Website in PDF, we’ll walk you through how to print it to PDF too.

Some great college basketball already with the First Four being complete. We’ll see who emerges as Cinderella over the next few days. Based on our experience, the best time to print your bracket (s) is before your favorite team is playing and placing any wagers at this list of no minimum deposit casinos. Else, you’ll just waste a bunch of ink with the bracket still being on your printer. 

Printable College Basketball Brackets (PDF)

So, the sites that I like to go to in no particular order are NCAA, ESPN, CBS Sports, and Interbasket. Here’s what you can check out while looking for printable college basketball brackets (PDF). We’ve even included the “Biden Bracket” for you to check out above 🙂 I always loved the Obama brackets back in the day. No matter what your politics are, the fact the President publishes picks shows you how big March Madness is! If you need help getting the games on your Roku, we have some tips for you up here as well. In our experience, checking out what Andy and Wayne have to say is always a good thing when looking at brackets too.

NCAA Bracket Men's Bracket

So, besides Interbasket of course, why not go to the source for all things March Madness? Besides being the ground truth for the Men’s basketball brackets, you can also click on the bracket and watch the games live. How cool is that? They also have a ton of material posted up regarding the teams, NCAA Tournament history, past championship replays. You name it. The folks at the NCAA have really upped their game this year on expanding the fan experience. When I fill out my bracket, I always double check with to make sure I haven’t missed anything injury-wise, etc. 

ESPN Bracket

ESPN bracket

ESPN is my second-favorite site for brackets after Interbasket. They used to be ahead of, but they still do a great job. Their March Madness bracket is interactive, and their bracket challenges are easy to use. If you do any type of fantasy sports, then you are probably familiar with their fantasy integration with their sports content. Worth checking out. You have to print their bracket to PDF to get in that format so an extra step. 

CBS Sports Bracket

CBS Sports Bracket

CBS Sports is close to ESPN in my book. They have been the home of the Selection Sunday broadcast for years. I think that changes next year though. We’ll see. Similar to ESPN, their brackets are tied in with their sports content, and no complaints. Similar to ESPN, you have to select the file->print->print as PDF option, but easy peasey. 

Interbasket Bracket

Printable 2024 March Madness Bracket

Interbasket has done printable college basketball brackets (PDF) for more than a decade. They always give us brackets in PDF format to print out. Fairly straightforward to use. You can get a lot of sports content on the site you just don’t find on the big, branded Websites. Their most recently updated NCAA Men’s Tournament bracket is up here

How the Nation is Picking its Brackets

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