The 20 pics showing Kyle Kuzma’s easy confidence and “No Shirt” policy on Instagram

The vast majority of NBA players come into the league thinking they’re the next Mike. Then there are players that are even more sure of themselves that they exude an extra self-certainty that other players lack. Kyle Kuzma falls into that category.

Despite being a young player, the kid from Flint didn’t lack any confidence his first year in the NBA. He doesn’t really tell you about it, but he will if you ask.

“It’s just who I am. I’m always confident.” Kuzma told reporters last year. “I always expect high expectations for myself.”

There’s an effortlessness that comes with real confidence, one that doesn’t always require telling everyone about it. On the basketball court or off, it’s easy to tell the ones that convinced themselves that they were the shit a long time ago, and ones that talk big because they’re trying to convince themselves and others that they’re good.

Kuzma’s Confidence Breeds Curiosity 

One of our most-visited articles is one in which we discuss Kuzma’s race. Though he had a great first year, the interest in him was somewhat surprising consider he wasn’t a star player (yet). Presumably many of those searching aren’t just curious about his background, but also find Kuzma swoon-worthy and probably looking for as much personal information on the 6-7 shooting guard/small forward.

We also noticed that Kuzma’s instagram feed is packed with photos of him shirtless. When we discussed his affinity for not having a shirt along with the popular post about his race and ethnicity, we decided to take the thirstiness to the next level by creating a collection of shirtless pics of Kyle Kuzma. Yes, that’s right, it’s the off-season.

Back to recognizing real confidence. Off the court, Kuzma carries himself off of it also displays what seems like a real confidence. It’s not just the no-shirt policy, but it’s also his bold choices in fashion and his relative success in the NBA. Kuzma has an unshakable, quiet strength that borders on arrogance. We’re certain that confidence permeates and helps make the rising Lakers star much more attractive. For more, take a look at his Instagram where there isn’t a dearth of shirtless pics of him.

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  • The Lakers led by as many as 22 points in the first half, racing out to a huge lead on the back of Kuzma’s career-best night. Kuzma made all nine of his shots in the first two quarters, scoring 24 of his 38 before the break.

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