Here are the next 10 players to hit 20,000 NBA points

Oklahoma City Thunder v Miami Heat

There have been only 40 players in NBA history that have reached the 20,000 NBA point plateau. That made us wonder who was next on the list to join the elite club of players that is more about longevity and consistency than it is solely scoring prowess.

With all that said, here are the 10 players we think will reach the 20,000 point barrier

1. Dwyane Wade – Points: 18.219 – Age: 33 – Projected Season: 2016/17

Unless an injury hits Wade, we’re 100% sure the Flash will hit the 20,000 point milestone next. Wade’s scoring has hit a significant decline in the past couple of seasons mainly because he teamed up with LeBron James and Chris Bosh. That said, Wade has never scored less than 1000 points in a season since his rookie campaign and has slightly under 800 in this year’s NBA season. The only issue now is health because Wade has numerous problems with his knees and it is a big question mark will he be able to play 30+ minutes in the next two years.

2. Joe Johnson – Points: 17.823 – Age: 33 – Projected Season: 2016/17

Joe Johnson is a player known by his massive contract signed during his time with the Atlanta Hawks. Contrary to most of the guys on this list, Joe Johnson hasn’t recorded a 2000 points season in his career . If he gets traded out off the Brooklyn Nets to a contending team, his minutes may significantly drop. At 33, the only question mark is how much energy and will has Joe left in him. Even with his career on the other side of the hill, Joe can do one thing and that’s score the ball. He may sputter across the line, but we’re confident he’ll do it — even if it takes another four years.

3. Kevin Durant – Points: 15.388 – Age:26 – Projected Season: 2017/18

The youngest player in the Top 5 and a player that will probably hit the 20.000 mark even before players that have are 1,000 points ahead of him (like #4 and #5). Simple reason is that Durant scores as we blink our eyes. Really though, it’s because he’s deadly from anywhere on the court and despite this season’s injury bug, he stays healthy for long periods of time.

Before this season he rarely missed a game in his first six years in the league. Last year’s MVP is one of the biggest threats to hit the 30.000 mark out of the players in his generation.

4. Chris Bosh – Points: 16.014 – Age: 30 – Projected Season: 2018/19

Chris Bosh has an excellent season till now and it looks like he will be one of the main offensive weapons for the Heat until the end of his long term contract. Without LeBron, look for Bosh’s scoring to go up, not significantly but enough to be a lock for 20,000 points. We’re sure that he would reach the 20.000 points mark lot sooner if he stayed in Toronto, but sometimes championships are more important than individual results. Simple mathematics show that he would now have at least 17.000 points if he opted to be the main player on the Toronto Raptors team till date.

5. Tony Parker – Points: 16.512 – Age:32 – Projected Season: 2017/18

The San Antonio Spurs have one of the best medical teams next to the Phoenix Suns. It will not be a surprise if Tony Parker plays until he’s 40 years old without an injury. Gregg Popovich has already started decreasing the number of minutes for his players. Parker benefits from having suitable backups in the likes of Cory Joseph and Patty Mills. Parker has never scored more than 1510 points in a single season, but he has longevity on his side, so look for Parker to casually walk across the finish line.

6. Dwight Howard – Points: 14.550 – Age: 29 – Projected Season: 2019/20

Weak. That’s probably one of the words that you hear a lot connected with the play of once the most dominant center in the league. Howard single-handedly led the Orlando Magic to the NBA finals at the age of 23, beating the Lebron James led Cleveland Cavaliers in the process, but it seems like everything went south since then. And that’s why Howard is so far down the list, we just can’t count on him to compete. He had a brief episode with the Lakers that ended in a soap opera and forced the Orlando Magic’s GM to fire head coach Stan Van Gundy at the time is what we associate with Dwight Howard, not his ability to domminate.

7. Russell Westbrook – Points: 9.600 – Age: 26 – Projected Season: 2021/22

One of the sickest players to watch today, but at the same time one of the most unpredictable ones as well. He can have a brilliant game with 20 points 10 rebounds and 15 assists, but he can also ruin all of that with his sometimes illogical decisions and bad passes. Nevertheless he’s probably the most explosive guards in the league; one second he’s at the arc, the next he’s streaking to the basket for two.

Westbrook always ends up with 16-18 points even on a bad shooting night and because of that, it will be a real surprise if he doesn’t score more than 20.000 points in his career, especially if Durant leaves Oklahoma in free agency next summer.

8. James Harden – Points: 7.839 – Age: 25 – Projected Season: 2022/23

It’s shocking that Harden has fewer than 8,000 points. From bench player in Oklahoma City to this season’s top scorer, Harden is one of the most offensively-dominant guys in the league and that’s probably why he’s on the brink on recording a 2500+ points this season. Barring injury, we can expect 4-5 more seasons of 2,300+ points that would quickly catapult him right at 20,000 points around the age of 30.

9. Steph Curry – Points: 7740 – Age: 26 – Projected Season: 2023/24

Steph Curry displays shooting technique at its finest. Curry is currently the best point guard in the game because he can hit the shot from anywhere on the floor and at the same time he’s a great floor general. The only “problem” for him to hit the 20.000 mark sooner is Klay Thompson as he can take and make great deal of shots in a game. The other problem are injuries as Curry has been too injury prone at the beginning of his NBA career and has very bad ankles, but seems to have kept those gimpy feet to remain healthy this season — one in which his Golden State Warriors are dominating.

10. Blake Griffin – Points: 7.573 – Age: 25 – Projected Season 2024/25

Big and athletic forward that rarely misses a game. OK, he missed a full season in his rookie year, but he has been a constant threat on the offensive end since then. This will probably be his first year in which Blake will score more than 2000 points and it is surely a good signal that he will remembered as one of the greatest scorers on his position. Can you think of somebody else who played the same position for more than 20 years with the same energy until his last game? Karl Malone. The one man that came close to Abdul-Jabbar’s all time record with 36.928 points.

You didn’t see players that have more points than Durant, Griffin, Harden and Curry such as like Elton Brand, Shawn Marion and Jason Terry on this list because they’re on the older side. Even though Terry and Marionare so close to 20 grand, we’ve left them off because though they’re stillplaying, they’ve been relegated to bench roles and the expectation of their scoring 15-20 points/night isn’t there for a reason.

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