The 10 NBA teams that have made the most three-pointers in one game

It’s no surprise that in this era of three-point shooting and position-less basketball that individual, team, combined, and season records are being shattered.

List of NBA teams with Most 3-pointers in a Game

For many years, the record for the most threes in a game was set by the Orlando Magic with 23. That team was anchored by Dwight Howard and surrounded by Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkoglu, and J.J. Redick. That record was tied in 2013 by a James Harden-led Houston Rockets team, but the league hadn’t fully-adopted the three as they have today.

Since 2017, six teams have surpassed 23 threes in one game and it’s no surprise that these records were set in the last few years with the league heavily relying three-point shooting.

NBA Teams with Most Threes in One Game
Threes Team Date Game Info
27 Houston Rockets 04/07/2019 Read more
26 Houston Rockets 12/19/2018 Read more
26 Minnesota Timberwolves 02/08/2020 Read more
25 Cleveland Cavaliers 03/03/2017 Read more
25 Houston Rockets 02/20/2020 Read more
24 Houston Rockets 12/16/2016 Read more
24 Golden State Warriors 01/16/2019 Read more
24 Golden State Warriors 10/29/2018 Read more
24 Los Angeles Clippers 02/06/2020 Read more
23 Orlando Magic 01/13/2009 Read more
23 Houston Rockets 02/05/2013 Read More

Think about that: The league record for most threes by one team was 23 for three thirty years then in a mere five seasons, that record was broken six times. It’s most certainly a sign of the times.

Are the Houston Rockets the Modern Denver Nuggets of the 1980’s?

Off the top of your head and if you were to make a bet at an NJ online casino or sports book, one would think that the Golden State Warriors would own the record for most three pointers hit by one team in one NBA game. That team featured three of the best shooters in NBA history in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant.

The Houston Rockets are coached by coach Mike D’Antoni who has helped to popularize the current small ball trend which involves spreading the floor, attacking the basket and corner threes. That strategy helps when you have an otherworldly scorer like Harden whom is equal parts a triple threat to shoot, attack the basket, or passing the ball (okay, the latter is only likely after a couple dozen dribbles), but he’s no doubt the reason why the Rockets own the first two spots on this list.

The question is can that approach be successful after the regular season? Small ball and putting up a lot of points isn’t new; just ask the Don Nelson Denver Nuggets of the 1980’s. That team put up numbers, but rarely had any success worth mentioning. What we’re saying is though the three pointer is clearly important in today’s game, it’ll take more than launching threes to win in the NBA postseason.

The Three Ball Era

That’s not to place a magnifying glass solely on the Rockets as the entire league has prioritized the three point shot into their overall offensive (and defensive) approach to the game.  We’re not sure what the inventors of the three pointer had in mind when they came up with the three-point line, but I’m sure they’re smiling watching today’s NBA.

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