NBA drops jerseys for Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Zion Williamson in ‘New Faces New Places’ campaign

No doubt this was the craziest NBA off season in the history of the league. With so many big name superstars changing teams in the span of a little over a week including Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and Paul George. To put that in perspective, that’s a third of this year’s All-NBA Teams.

Even so none of that initial frenzy could be finalized until a week later, officially on Sunday, July 7th. And it didn’t take long after the NBA’s official signing period for the NBA Store to come through. Today the official NBA Store began offering the new NBA jerseys for some of the new players that will be donning different uniforms that they wore last season.

New Faces, New Places

In the ‘New Faces, New Places’ campaign, the NBA officially announced the releases of several of the big names we’ll be paying attention to this next NBA season. In particular, the league has rightfully highlighted three of the arguably  biggest names in all the movement: Kevin Durant’s Brooklyn #7 jersey, Anthony Davis’s Lakers jersey (will he actually wear #00?), and Zion Williamson‘s #1 jersey for the Pelicans.

Given Zion’s NBA jersey has been available since after the NBA Draft in late June and he has a lot to prove, but considering all the hype going into not only the NBA Draft but the NBA Draft Lottery, we’d say Zion’s profile is high.

Also available since June 21st are most of the 2019-20 NBA rookies. The NBA uniforms available include the #2 and #3 picks in Ja Morant‘s Grizzlies jersey and RJ Barrett’s Knicks uniform.

There are also authentic and replica jerseys for Coby White (Chicago), Darius Garland (Cleveland), Rui Hachimura (Washington), Jordan Poole (Golden State), Romeo Langford (Boston), Nassir Little (Portland), and Cam Reddish (Hawks).

Go to the NBA Store to see all the rookie jerseys available.

When Can We Buy New Kawhi, Kyrie and Kemba Jerseys?

Given this is just a handful of the superstar that was represented in the free agent frenzy that’s occurred since the beginning of July, but this should hold us over for a while.

No telling when the new jerseys will be available for other big name signings from all the movement these last couple weeks. We’re thinking that Leonard’s and Paul George’s move to the Los Angeles Clippers is still too fresh (and a bit of a surprise) for the NBA to turn those around this quickly. We’ll have to wait on seeing a blue/red/white Kawhi jersey or a Paul George’s LAC jersey. We’d expect those to be out next week at the latest.

That said, we should have seen a Kyrie’s Brooklyn Nets uniform and Kemba’s green Celtics jersey by now considering that those two made their decisions early in the free agency period yet they’re still not available. We’re thinking that in some of the cases, those players haven’t officially announced what number they would be wearing for the upcoming season.

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