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These Monty Williams quotes inspired the Phoenix Suns into the NBA Finals

If you weren’t following the Phoenix Suns very closely during the season then you were both surprised and impressed by a maturity and consistency they displayed during the playoffs, maturity that belied their youth.

During their run to the NBA Finals, much of that was attributed to the leadership of Chris Paul, and the Point God presence should get a lot of credit, but the Suns deep playoff run was also very much the motivational coaching of Monty Williams.

The way Phoenix played themselves into a 51-21 regular season record, the Suns were often favored against more-experienced competitors in the post season. In fact many casinos with instant withdrawal access often gave them better odds against teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks.

An example of his work behind the scenes was detailed out by During a practice session halfway through the regular season, Monty Williams handed screwdrivers to every one of his players. With the tool in hand, forward Jae Crowder recalled being confused. “We’re all like, ‘What is this?’ said Crowder. “We’re all holding screwdrivers. He’s like, ‘We’ve got to continue to tighten the screws,’ and that just stuck with me.”

This was just one example of many nuggets that we were blessed with as Williams got more airtime and interviews and coverage. Here’s a list of Monty William’s inspirational quotes and motivational mantras.

Monty Williams Quotes
’Well done’ is better than ‘well said’
“It’s a ‘get to,’ not a ‘got to’”
“Reps remove doubt”
I'm not calling you out, I'm calling you up.
Pressure is a privilege
You’re not going to find greatness on the beach, you’re going to find it in the struggle
Everything you want is on the other side of hard.
You can either be a quitter, a camper or a climber. I don’t want to quit, and I certainly don’t want to camp.
Everything counts
Can't get happy on the farm

Leading, motivating the best players

Something to keep in mind is that as any NBA coach, you’re tasked with capturing the attention and finding new ways to motivate players that have already mastered the the game from middle school to high school to AAU to college, and are among the world’s best hoopers. That’s not an easy task. There’s a lot to be said about a coach that can continually identify ways to teach players that have done it all that they have more work to do.

“All these different types of stuff (Monty says) on a daily basis,” future Hall Of Fame point guard Chris Paul said of Williams, “(those are) signs of somebody who’s not just coaching. They’re teaching.”

And that’s the secret of “Montyisms” his philosophical messages aren’t just about getting better at basketball, but they’re bigger than that and are even more applicable off-the-court. They’re life lessons that are not only effective in motivating an NBA player through a grueling 82-game schedule, but also places the importance of basketball in the larger context of life.

“At the end of the day, he just wants us to be the best version of ourselves and the best version of our team.” Cam Johnson said of Williams. “Sometimes that requires a little bit more of him being stern and tough, but it’s for the best for everybody.”

In large part of how he led the Phoenix Suns to one of the league’s best record, Monty Williams was voted as Coach of the Year by the NBCA, and came in a close second place for the NBA’s 2020-21 Coach the of Year award. In fact, he trailed New York Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau by thee smallest voting margin since in the 2002-03 season when that format was first introduced.

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