Mike Budenholzer wins Coach of The Year, Lou Williams wins Sixth Man of The Year


It was a good day to award individuals coming from two out of the top three teams on the East. The competition for both Coach of The Year and Sixth Man of The Year was really intense, but it seems like professionals from around the league think that it is harder to make it for teams that compete in the Eastern Conference.

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Coach Mike Budenholzer is one of the first Popovich scholars that has been able to implement the San Antonio team mentality at a different franchise. He started out 20 something years ago as a video analysts and today he leads the top team in the Eastern Conference to the potential of reaching the NBA Finals. Many people thought that first year coach Steve Kerr should have won the award thanks to his league best regular season score.

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Lou Williams won the Sixth Man of The Year award thanks to his win ratio mostly. Isaiah Thomas came on second place, but it’s true that he switched between teams before reaching the playoffs and hasn’t played more than 15% of the games because of an injury. Jamal Crawford came third, but the veteran guard from the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t have as good of a season compared to the last couple of years.

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