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Who are Michael Jordan’s siblings? And how many brothers and sisters does Jordan have?

Only a small handful of celebrities, movie stars and athletes have reached the level of career success and fame as Michael Jordan has during his career.

With every level of fame that a celebrity attains, the more that famous person’s name is in the collective consciousness. With more fame and recognition being bombarded via the media, the more scrutiny there is into the intricate details of that person’s life including what seems like personal details. That’s the trade off of being world renown.

With the release of The Last Dance, there’s renewed interest in Michael Jordan’s life as the 10-part series gave us unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into his Jordan’s life including his family life, his parents and Jordan’s siblings.

Who are Michael Jordan’s parents?

Before we get into Jordan’s four siblings, let’s start at their beginning.

Michael Jordan is one of five siblings and they all wouldn’t be here without James Jordan (born July 31, 1936) and Deloris Peoples (born Sept 1941). The Jordans’ parents were both born and raised in North Carolina where they met at Charity High School located in in Rose Hill, North Carolina. They first met at one of Charity’s basketball game where James was a player on the team.

Though there was a five year age difference between the two, the couple began  dating the next few years until  James graduated and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force while Deloris moved to Alabama to attend a trade school.

Who are Michael Jordan’s brothers and sisters?

When James was stationed with the Air Force in San Antonio, Texas, the two remained close and stay connected despite the distance. A couple years later when James was transferred to a Virginia base in 1956, Deloris relocated to join him. There aren’t much details about how it happened, but Peoples and Jordan would wed after the transfer and they would take the next step in their relationship.

In 1957, the couple welcomed their first child James Jordan Jr.  who was nicknamed “Ronnie” after his middle name Ronald.  Soon after the birth of Ronnie, Deloris would become pregnant with their second child.

Two years later in 1959, they welcomed their second child and first daughter Deloris.

The Jordans would leave Virginia (and James leaving the military) around that time. They moved back to James’ hometown of Wallace, North Carolina. There he was hired at a local a textile mill and the couple would build a house there.

Larry Jordan, the third child, was born shortly thereafter in 1962.

Three years after their Larry was born, the Jordans made the decision to move to New York City so that James could attend an auto mechanic program at a trade school in Brooklyn. Deloris was able to obtain a job as bank teller.

While in Brooklyn, the couple gave birth to their fourth child; Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born February 17, 1963.

Shortly after Michael was born, the family moved back to Wilmington, North Carolina wanting to raise their children in a safer environment. That following year in 1964, James and Deloris welcomed their fifth and final child Rosalyn Maria Jordan.

Deloris Jordan and James R. Jordan Sr. are MJ’s mother and father. Jordan’s parents appear on The Last Dance several times through references and interviews. The two obviously played a huge role in their son’s life.

What have Ronnie, Larry, Deloris and Rosyln been up to?

We all know about Michael Jordan and basketball fans are well-versed in his accomplishments on and off the basketball court, but what careers and pursuits did Jordan’s siblings get into?

After three years in the Junior ROTC, Ronnie would follow in his father’s footsteps and join the military in 1975.  “I figured I wanted to be a soldier, plus I was the oldest of five kids,” the elder Jordan sibling told The Times and Democrat back in 2004. “I wanted to get out of the house and do something myself.” He would stay and go on to a long and respected military career saying, “If you don’t believe in selfless service, you are not going to make it in this business.” Ronnie would end up doing three tours of duty in Iraq, and reached the rank of command sergeant major in the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps.

The eldest daughter Deloris became an author with her revealing self-published memoir In My Family’s Shadow: Sister of Sports Phenomenon Michael JordanThe book was published in 2001 and detailed out how she lost her virginity to the alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of their father.

Resolving those issues with her father, Deloris E. Jordan says that she has been ridiculed and ostracized by her family. What we could find about Deloris’ life shows that she has had her ups-and-downs. That emotional struggle takes a toll and can negatively impacts your relationship according to ReGain. Deloris has had at least two life-threatening suicide attempts and has twice divorced. Deloris is the mother of three, lives in Pennsylvania and supports herself and her family as a motivational and inspirational speaker.

Brother Larry was famous for being the one player that Michael would often lose to playing one-on-one with until the younger Jordan had a growth spurt. “I won most of them until he started to outgrow me,” the 5’8 Larry told ESPN, “and then that was the end of that.”

The two definitely shared an insane vertical leap.

After high school, Larry would attempt a career in professional basketball making it as high as playing for the World Basketball League’s Chicago Express in 1988. Since then, the middle Jordan sibling has held a variety of jobs that included partnering with his father in a sportswear company before becoming a regional sales manager for Upper Deck. Since Michael has become the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, Larry has held several positions with the team. Larry is the Director of Player Personnel for the franchise after being promoted to that position in 2013.

The youngest sibling, Roslyn became a writer. Together with her sister Deloris, she coauthored the book Salt in His Shoes and Did I Tell You I Love You Today? Rosalyn would later team up with mother Deloris to publish a couple children’s books Did I Tell You I Love You Today? and Michael’s Golden Rules. Rosyln was also the founder and president of the (now-defunct) Another Jordan Incorporated. She currently lives in Chicago.

Being Your Own Jordan

Even though Michael will be viewed as the most successful of all the Jordan children, mother Deloris values all of her children talents “Each one of you has special gifts, it’s how you use them,'” she said to ESPN. “Each one had a talent, but how they approached it was different from the others. Michael might have skills for basketball, but Larry built things with his hands, and our oldest son was in ROTC and such a leader.”

It’s truly Family First for mother Deloris.

As much as that level of visibility into his private life can be problematic, stressful and annoying for someone like Michael Jordan, it comes with the territory of being one of the world’s most-well recognizable faces and brands.

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