Truly Unstoppable: These 17 players have the most consecutive games with 30+ points scored in NBA history

We throw around the word “unstoppable” a lot in the NBA but what does it mean to be truly unstoppable?

In the history of the league, the NBA has had no shortage of explosive, dominant scorers. The NBA has seen everything from dominant big men, high flying two guards, lethal shooters and unicorns rule the league at one time or another.

With an near-unlimited inventory of professional scorers, we found that approximately 31 players have averaged over 30 points across an entire NBA season. In other words, if you were facing that player, he was definitely on the scouting report. And he was likely going to drop 30 (or more) points on you that night.

The most consecutive games scoring 30 points or more

When a Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain or James Harden was coming into town, the opposing team’s coaching staff would adjust their defenses and they would see double or triple teams every night.

If that strategy was effective, that player either adjusted their attack, forced up tough shots, passed to open teammates or a combination of all that.

That got us wondering which players were the most unstoppable. Meaning that they still got theirs even when the defense was 100% focused on making their lives difficult on both sides of the court, but how to measure unstoppable-ness?

One way to quantify “unstoppable” was to see which players had the most consecutive games of at least 30 points scored, and how often they showed up on the list. Here’s a list of those players that scored thirty or more points ranked by their streaks.

Most Consecutive Games with 30+ Points (min 10 games)
Rank Games Player Team Season
#1 65 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors 1961-62
#2 32 James Harden Houston Rockets 2018-19
#3 31 Wilt Chamberlain San Francisco Warriors 1962
#4 25 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors 1960
#5 20 Wilt Chamberlain San Francisco Warriors 1964
#6 18 Elgin Baylor Los Angeles Lakers 1962
#7 16 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Milwaukee Bucks 1971-72
#7 16 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 2002-03
#9 14 Elgin Baylor Los Angeles Lakers 1962-63
#9 14 Tracy McGrady Orlando Magic 2002-03
#11 13 Oscar Robertson Cincinnati Royals 1965-66
#11 13 Moses Malone Philadelphia 76ers 1981-82
#13 12 Jerry West Los Angeles Lakers 1961-62
#13 12 Wilt Chamberlain San Francisco Warriors 1964-65
#13 12 Nate Archibald Kansas City Kings 1972-73
#13 12 Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder 2013-14
#17 11 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1986-87
#17 11 Shaquille O'Neal Los Angeles Lakers 2001
#17 11 Steph Curry Golden State Warriors 2020-21
#20 10 George Gervin San Antonio Spurs 1979-80
#20 10 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1990-91
#20 10 Elgin Baylor Los Angeles Lakers 1961-62
#20 10 Rick Barry San Francisco Warriors 1968-69
#20 10 Jerry West Los Angeles Lakers 1969-70
#20 10 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1986-87
#20 10 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1990-91
#20 10 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 2012-13
#20 10 Joel Embiid Philadelphia 76ers 2022-23

If under the season column you only see one year (e.g. 1962) that means the feat was accomplishment in two different seasons (1961-62 to 1962-63) and obviously occurred in that same year.

If you’re a fan of NBA history then it should come as no surprise that Wilt Chamberlain was all over this freaking list and could be found at the top with 65 straight games scoring 30 or more points. In fact, he sits in four of the top fives spots. This ridiculousness is just another example of how unstoppable Wilt was and all his insane video game career achievements.  A little bit more on Wilt’s streaks in just one second…

A couple words about Wilt and Mike

First off we want to say that we are absolutely positive that Wilt Chamberlain had numerous stretches in which the legendary big man scored 30+ points in ten, twelve, fourteen games etc. but for the sake of keeping this list interesting and diverse, we didn’t dig way too deep into The Big Dipper‘s lesser thirty point streaks. We’ll update that in the offseason.

We’re really shocked that Jordan didn’t make this list more often seeing as the GOAT led the league in scoring for ten seasons (!) and holds the NBA record with 563 games in which he scored over 30 points. MJ’s highest streak of 30+ point games is a relatively-paltry eleven games.

As we mentioned with Wilt, this isn’t yet a comprehensive list, but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. We did our best to scour Basketball Reference; by going through the game logs of some of the league’s most prolific scorers’ best offensive seasons. That said, we didn’t go though every player, so if you’re aware of a 30-point streak that belongs on the list above, feel free to send us that info in the comments below.

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