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Full List of ESPN’s Top 25 NBA Players under 25 for the 2023-24 Season

ESPN recently put out their annual list of the top 25 NBA players under the age of 25. And as with their 100 Best NBA Players of the 2023-24 season #NBArank list they put out before the season, it’ causing a bit of an uproar. Not only were there the normal discussions about X player not making the list, but the forums and comment sections have been lit up with how a certain player is ranked above another. This is particularly true for rookies; specifically if that said player is Victor Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren and especially Scoot Henderson.

It’s not difficult to come up with a list of candidates for this list; it’s really knowing the ages of those players. As an NBA fan, I likely could guess the age range of a player, but the exact age?  Not so much. Like is Shai Gilgeous Alexander too old for this list? (yes) It seems like Luka Doncic has been in the NBA for yeaaaaaaars, but somehow the Slovenian superstar is still under the age of 25 so it’s not hard to argue that the 24 year old Luka Doncic isn’t the #1 “prospect” under 25 considering his Mavs are currently #1 in the West, leading the NBA in scoring after 10 games, and a concensus top 5 player in the league. That’s an easy pick, it’s the ones that follow him that are in question. On that, here is ESPN’s

ESPN's List of Top 25 NBA Players Under 25
# Player Age (2023) Team
1 Luka Doncic 24 Dallas Mavericks
2 Anthony Edwards 22 Minnseota Timberwolves
3 Victor Wembanyama 19 San Antonio Spurs
4 Tyrese Haliburton 23 Indiana Pacers
5 Ja Morant 24 Memphis Grizzlies
6 Cade Cunningham 22 Detroit Pistons
7 Zion Williamson 23 New Orleans Pelicans
8 Darius Garland 23 Cleveland Cavs
9 LaMelo Ball 22 Charlotte Hornets
10 Jaren Jackson Jr 24 Memphis Grizzlies
11 Tyrese Maxey 23 Philadelphia 76ers
12 Evan Mobley 22 Cleveland Cavs
13 Chet Holmgren 21 Oklahoma City Thunder
14 Paolo Banchero 21 Orlando Magic
15 Scottie Barnes 22 Toronto Raptors
16 Franz Wagner 22 Orlando Magic
17 Jalen Williams 22 Oklahoma City Thunder
18 Josh Giddey 21 Oklahoma City Thunder
19 Jalen Green 21 Houston Rockets
20 Walker Kessler 22 Utah Jazz
21 Jalen Duren 20 Detroit Pistons
22 Tyler Herro 23 Miami Heat
23 Scoot Henderson 19 Portland Blazers
24 Keegan Murray 23 Sacramento Kinds
25 Alperen Sengun 21 Houston Rockets

Outside of Sacramento, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Miami and Oklahoma City the players on this list are the lynchpins for their teams. You don’t have to look much further than the 1-8 Memphis Grizzlies. Their fortunes and NBA odds have completely tanked without Ja Morant, who is serving a 25-game suspension to start the season. The Grizzlies are currently the worst team in the league and the only franchise with one win. As much of a fan as we are of Zion Williamson and as talented as a player he is; seeing him at #7 on this list feels low, but being aware of his injuries and how unproven he’s been in the league (in terms of leading his team to the playoffs or deeper) we can’t really argue his position.

We know that ESPN says that this list is “ranked by future potential” and that Scoot Henderson came into the league as a top rookie. There were very quiet whispers that Scoot was the most NBA-ready player. All that said, we still wouldn’t have included the 19-year old, 6-2 guard on our list of players under 25. Not that he won’t get there or that he’s not talented, but we think there are a handful of younger players that have proven they can play in the league that didn’t make the list including his fellow teammates Shaedon Sharpe and Anfernee Simons, Indiana’s Bennedict Mathurin, Brooklyn’s high scoring Cam Thomas and Houston’s Jabari Smith Jr.

Outside of some arguable snubs, we like their list. Anthony Edwards and Cade Cunningham, Jalen Duren and Alperen Sengun, Scottie Barnes and Franz Wagner – there’s some real upcoming stars son this list. You may have qualms with ESPN’s list, but outside of including Henderson their 25-under-25 list isn’t looking all that bad. At least they didn’t include Nic Claxton on their list as CBS Sports did.

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