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Kyrie Irving to the Lakers On Hold as Brooklyn Nets, Durant Reconsider Their Position

Kyrie Irving’s future at the Brooklyn Nets appears to be hanging on by a thread, and a potential move to the Los Angeles Lakers continues to be a distinct possibility for the seven-time NBA All-Star.

Last season was something of a non-event for the 30-year-old, and his long-term absence is a big reason why those who visited betting sites to place an NBA bet were left disappointed as the Nets failed to live up to their billing as the favorites to win the title.

Kyrie Irving’s COVID-19 vaccination status led to him being ruled out of much of the season, but he did return to take part in 29 regular season games and actually posted his joint highest points per game numbers but was unable to keep Steve Nash’s side from falling to the Boston Celtics in the first playoff game inside four games.

In terms of Irving’s future at the Barclays Center, many have speculated that the Nets are playing hardball, and they opted against offering him a contract extension, as they are keen on not committing to players that they don’t think reciprocate that level of loyalty.

This led to Irving biting his tongue and not choosing to flee, knowing that doing so would see him lose the $30 million and more that is on the table for the final year of his contract, and now we are at something of a deadlock.

Irving is, by all accounts, interested in reuniting with LeBron James, who he enjoyed some of his best NBA form and won the title in 2016 at the Cleveland Cavaliers, and then there’s the small matter of Irving detesting head coach Nash. Michael Binn of the New York Post commented on this point by stating;

“Kevin Durant doesn’t seem to be the only Nets player not enamored with the leadership stylings of GM Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash” and that “Kyrie Irving hates these guys,” saying that “He feels that Nash is terrible and Marks is bad.”

The Lakers are looking to push Russell Westbrook out the door at the Arena after his poor debut season in Los Angeles, and they may see Irving as the right man to take his spot. With the recent trade of Patrick Beverley, an Irving to Lakers looks much less likely. If they can pull it off, the Lakers with a very attractive looking three of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Irving, but as yet, the deal is not done, and that is also down to the asking price that has emerged for such a trade.

The deal is said to be stuck on the number of first-round picks that would be part of the trade, but it does, in many ways, look like a deal that both teams would happily conclude just so they could move on with other matters.

Some suggest that LeBron’s decision to sign a new team year extension to his Lakers contract is down to the fact that he’d love to reunite with Irving, but this is a trade that may be a bridge too far for this off-season.

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