Kobe Bryant’s 2009 Nike Asia Tour

Kobe Bryant is back in Asia this summer after doing tours of the various Asian cities in 1998 and 2007.

This time around, Nike is sending Kobe to Manila (Philippines), Singapore, Taipei, (Taiwan), and three Chinese cities; Hong Kong, Shanghai and Cheng Du.  The schedule of his trip reads below:

Kobe on stage in the Philippines during his 2009 Nike Asia Tour

  • July 21: Manila Philippines
  • July 22: Singapore, Singapore
  • July 23: Taipei, Taiwan
  • July 24: Hong Kong, China
  • July 25: Shanghai, China
  • July 26: Cheng Du, China

Fresh off the 2009 NBA Championship and NBA Finals MVP, Kobe Bryant will fly to six cities in six days teaching basketball skills, doing camps, and competing against local players in each of these Asian locations.

On the first leg of his tour, Bryant told a crowd of his fans in the Philippines, “It feels great to be back… to be around people who enjoy the game as much as I do.”

Of course it isn’t all just international goodwill, the Nike also launched an exclusive shoe made especially for Asia.  The shoes, the Nike Dream Season, were released on July 1st and are a part of Kobe Bryant’s autograph series.

I love (Asia),” Bryant said. “I am welcomed with open arms. They treat me like family.”

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