Is Klay Thompson mixed? What is his race and ethnicity?

what is Klay Thompson mixed race

In a bizarro universe where everything is the same with the only difference being that Stephen Curry never existed, is the same one where Klay Thompson would be considered the best shooter in NBA, and perhaps in all of the league’s history.


The “other” Splash Brother has multiple games of 10 or more three-pointers in one game. There’s no question about his ability to shoot from distance, but just as some wonder what Curry’s race and background is, there are some that also wonder whether what Klay Thompson’s ethnicity is.

I like to believe that the curiosity doesn’t come from a bad place. As a country, we’re still navigating and understanding race. It’s tough when the vast majority of Americans live in areas that lack racial diversity and even when they do, races don’t always live or socialize in the same areas. Due to the lack of cultural understanding and personal connection, what might seem like common sense is lost, so when there’s the opportunity to discuss race in popular culture, sometimes we have to start with the most basic of questions.

In this case, finding out whether Klay Thompson is mixed or not may provide the groundwork to better understand the intricacies of race. The same goes with other players that bring up the sensitive topic such as Blake Griffin, Zach Lavine and Devin Booker.

With that out of the way, to start the conversation about Klay Thompson’s race, let’s start by looking at his parent’s background.

mychal thompson pulls down rebound for lakers

Klay Thompson’s Father is Former NBA Player Mychal Thompson

To the casual NBA fan, most won’t know that Klay Thompson comes from NBA blood. Like Curry, Thompson’s father played in the NBA. In fact, Mychal Thompson was the number one overall pick in the 1978 NBA Draft. And though the elder Thompson wouldn’t live up to his draft position, he carved out a solid 14-year career with the Portland Trailblazers and San Antonio Spurs before winning a couple championships with the Magic Johnson -led Los Angeles Lakers (1986-87, 1987-88). Mychal was born in Nassau, Bahamas and came over to the United States in his younger years.

The assumption in the United States that “Black Americans” always means “African-Americans” and that simply isn’t true, there’s also “Black” people in the United States from the Caribbean, like Mychal Thompson.


It is not uncommon for Caribbean-Americans that prefer not to have their culture lumped into into the larger “Black American” race category for a variety of reasons.

Klay Thompson family photo with mother

What About Klay Thompson’s Mother?

Klay Thompson may have an NBA pedigree from his father, but having a mom that played college volleyball at the University of San Francisco didn’t hurt his professional basketball career whatsoever. Before taking the Thompson last name in 1987, she was Julie Leslie. Leslie grew up in Washington State as a high school track and volleyball star.

Without finding any information on Leslie’s ethnicity, we’ll look at her maiden name for clues. “Leslie” is a Scottish surname tracing back 1067 (the year!). From House of Names:

The surname Leslie was first found in Aberdeenshire (Gaelic: Siorrachd Obar Dheathain), a historic county, and present day Council Area of Aberdeen, located in the Grampian region of northeastern Scotland, where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated on the lands of Leslie, andit is said that they were descended from Bartholomew Leslyn, son of Walter de Leslyn, a Flemish knight who attended Queen Margaret when she arrived to marry King Malcolm of Scotland in 1067.

So there you have it. The “Leslie” last name has a long history in Europe.


So What is Klay Thompson’s Race?

Considering that his father has an Afro-Caribbean background and his mother’s family rooted in Europe, Klay, and his two brothers Trayce and Mychel, are of mixed-race. Though many are tempted to classify the Thompson siblings as simply “mixed Black and White” — know that race and racial identity is a complicated and charged subject* with perhaps it’s own prejudices in the NBA.

Not to mention race in the United States, specifically how the country is becoming more and more multicultural (and on the other side, there’s Donald Trump).

klay thompson and his dad mychal thompson

* If the “What is Stephen Curry’s race?” post is any indication, attempting to identify Klay’s race is probably as controversial. With that experience, we want to make it clear: this isn’t a post to make race a bigger issue or to further one group’s claim of Thompson over another’s. It’s simply a question that many have and Interbasket wants to bring together all the facts to create an informative post that furthers the discussion and understanding.



  • Helmut Richter

    Every time I see Clays face he reminds me of a Greek Athlete or soldiers. Without any research that is where I placed his origin. Today after the great victory event I decided it was time to research his ethnicity and race.
    His parents best provide that answer to that and it did not surprise me that he comes from such multicultural background. One day, when he has children, I pray they are a beautiful as he is, with his smile and a true champion.

  • I kind of appreciate what I think your doing here, which is to promote diversity and remove ignorance and bias that comes from segregating ourselves into our own groups. But First of all, calling somebody “mixed” is ignorant and derogatory. People are biracial or multiracial. I suppose you could be Caucasian and Chinese or specifically Cantonese, mostly or all Chinese, or a combination of any Asian or other combination with Chinese. Most of us in the west and i suppose Central Asia and Middle East , have a huge combination of different races and cultures in our ancestry due to the fact those areas were a melting pot of all kinds of peoples from all over. Therefore, would you want to be called mixed? I wouldn’t. Mixed was and still is used to insult people who are made up of many races.
    Second, and worse, you say that black people in the Caribbean are not of African descent! They were enslaved and sent to the Caribbean from AFRICA just like the black people in America!!!! They may have different cultures having grown up in vastly different climates and countries, but they are all of an African race!!!! To not be aware that black peoples from the Caribbean were not there from forced relocations in Africa is the definition of ignorance. God, I hope you don’t think that the disgusting evil practice of slavery was only used in America. Any black person who has their ancestors in the Western Hemisphere (which includes the Carribean) before the 1830’s to 1860, is 99.9% a descendant of a person enslaved. Any black person in the Western Hemisphere whose last name is of European origin (which includes English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese names in the Caribbean) is 99.99999% a descendant of an enslaved person. You cannot diminish, forget or gloss over that fact!

  • Fred Flintstone

    So….after all of that, the answer is “yes, he is mixed race because his mother is obviously white and his father obviously black.” What’s the biggie? haha!

  • I don’t care what Clay Thompsons race is, I see his mom and I see his dad and I see Clay, a very talented basketball player on one of my favorite teams, playing with a few other players I admire, race should not be an issue, what it should be is how magnificent he plays the game. Nuff Said, keep on playing that game Clay, May God bless you and your teammates and Coaches.

  • Klay and Curry are clearly biracial. Fathers are at least partly African descent, but plenty of non-African genes too on their moms’ side.

    I just think it’s funny because sometimes I get klay mixed up with jerebko (who is probably close to 100 percent Scandinavian) when I am not watching the game closely enough.

  • Anonymous

    I asked bout Klay Thompson’s race bc I bowl in a sr league w/a male of klay’s complexion whom I THGHT was white, only 2confirm he’s a very light skinned African American. I admire Klay, a GREAT player, as is Steph Curry, whose dad, Dale, an outstanding 3point shooter whom I’ve always followed. Thanks for bkgrnd highlight.. Happy holidays!!!

  • Nice response and good info……..until the last comment. What’s with the “ then there’s Donald Trump” comment? Why get political? And while you are… about about the black race start evaluating where the Democratic Party has gotten them over the past 60 years? Nowhere. They only want your votes and will get you no where( have bamboozled you). Republicans are about accountability…….they’ll give you the opportunity to better yourself, but you have to WORK and do the right things.

  • Anonymous

    Your Donald Trump comment was a blatantly ignorant racist bully move.

  • Garbage post

  • Gilchrist

    “…on the other hand, there is Donald Trump.” Wtf was that? Racism comes in all forms…you should watch the pointless attacks on the person we elected President of the United States. Stop attacking! Please! Pointless! We’re tired of it!

  • Shocker. Black men like white women.

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