Isiah Thomas responds to Scottie Pippen’s Dream Team comments

Scottie-Pippen and Isiah-Thomas

“Open Court” is show on NBATV that goes behind the scenes with a panel of rotating players. This particular episode was hosted by Ernie Johnson with a panel of Shaquille O’Neal, Grant Hill, Isiah Thomas, Brent Barry, Steve Smith, Dennis Scott and Grant Hill.


During one of the segment of “Open Court”, the subject they talked about was the All-Decade Teams for the 1990s. With Isiah on the panel, the drama of his exclusion from the Dream Team was bound to come up. If you were around for the Isiah Thomas-Dream Team selection brouhaha, there wasn’t new information until the subject of Scottie Pippen‘s inclusion on the 90s All-Decade Team.

Many argued for Hill as a selection, while Hill chose Pippen. After some back and forth, Reggie Miller thought more was going on and shouted “What’s the deal with Scottie! Something is going on” looking at Isiah and Shaq.

NBATV flashed to an interview that Pippen gave for the Dream Team documentary saying that “I can’t speak for Michael (Jordan), but uh… no, I did not want (Isiah) on the team.” Isiah responded by evoking the names of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson to make his point:

“I didn’t mind Michael Jordan saying ‘I don’t want Isiah to be on the Dream Team’. I don’t mind if Larry Bird said Thomas. ‘I don’t want Isiah to be on the Dream Team’,” Thomas reacted. “But if Scottie Pippen say ‘I don’t want Isiah to be on the Dream Team’!? MAAAAAAAAAAN, COME ON! YOU CAN’T SAY NOTHIN’. YOU CAN’T SAY NOTHIN’”


Isiah emphasized his disgust at a player he viewed (and most viewed) as not on the same level having something to say about whether he belonged or not.

“If Jordan is like ‘Look I’m not playing if Isiah play.’ OK. Aiight. But Scottie Pippen ‘I’m not playing if Isiah play’…. MAAAAAAAN, go to the park.”

After Isiah aired his real raw thoughts about Pippen having any kind of vote regarding Isiah’s inclusion, Ernie had Dennis Scott step away to let Isiah lay down on the couch so he could talk out it (as Johnson played psychiatrist).

ERNIE: Lay down on the couch. How long have you been harboring this, Isiah. Are you feeling better now that it’s come out?
ISIAH: Well, you know Ernie. You know, it’s been a while. It’s been on my mind, you know, for about, you know… 25 years.
ERNIE: Does it feel like a weight has being lifted off of you?
ISIAH: Well, yeah because I finally get to talk about it. And just, you know the whole Dream Team experience. And again, I got no problems with the greatest player to ever play say he don’t want to play with me or Magic saying he don’t… but ANYBODY BELOW THEM saying they don’t want to play with me? Can I say ‘below them’?
ERNIE: Mr. Thomas, I’m sorry, your hour is up, but I’m glad you feel better.


In the segment, the panel also talked about how Shaquille O’Neal deserved a spot over Christian Laettner on the team. As well as Karl Malone elbowing Isiah after Thomas dropped 44 points on the Jazz, specifically John Stockton, when he found that Stockton made the team over him. Watch the segment here:

Pippen just seems to rub players the wrong way when he opens his mouth (or on Instagram).


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  • Isiah needs to be a real man and rip MJ not Pippen because MJ is the one who kept you off the dream team

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