In addition to “Association” and “Icon”, some NBA teams will get classic throwback jerseys in 2017-18

It’s no longer about home and away jerseys. With Nike taking on the official sponsorship for NBA uniforms, things are changing in the way we refer to uniforms. Instead of home and away , the lexicon now will be “Association” and “Icon” editions, officially at least. The NBA/Nike has slowly unveiled their new uniforms for the upcoming 2017-18 season.

In addition to the two core uniforms, each franchise will also have two alternate uniforms that are still yet to be revealed. That said, it seems like we just found out what one of their alternate jerseys will look like for eight teams. Atlanta, Charlotte, Golden State, Indiana, Lakers, Miami Heat, Milwaukee and Phoenix will each get a fifth option — a Nike Classic edition that will be available as a throwback uniform. Here’s the eight teams with their flashback edition:

  • Atlanta Hawks: 1972-76
  • Charlotte Hornets: 1989-96
  • Golden State Warriors: 1971-75
  • Indiana Pacers: Hickory Hoosiers
  • Los Angeles Lakers: 1947-52
  • Miami Heat: 1988-99
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 1968-73
  • Phoenix Suns: 1968-73

We’re really excited for the Hawks, Warriors, Bucks and Suns versions. Not so much about the significantly older eras — the Lakers will be from their time in Minneapolis and Hoosier film – Pacers uniform (lame). There’s no word sure if these alternate throwbacks will be home or away — you can’t have all the info all at once!

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