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Yo, how tall is Julian Newman? A look at the social media hooper’s height

Once a universally loved child that became internet-famous for his precocious basketball prowess, Julian Newman’s journey has evolved into a narrative that elicits both admiration and divisive discourse. Newman initially captured hearts with his extraordinary skills on the court, dazzling audiences with his lightning-quick dribbling, smile, and seemingly supernatural court vision.

However, as Julian’s life progressed, his rising fame and polarizing playing style began to draw a clear dividing line between those who celebrate his audacious (to say it nicely) approach and those who tired of his antics; questioning his overall authenticity. The transition from a beloved young talent to a polarizing figure mirrors the complexities of modern sports culture, where Julian Newman’s name elicits a range of emotions and opinions that reflect the multifaceted nature of athletic stardom.

Julian’s rise from unknown to social media star
The above viral video of a young Julian caught fire in 2013 and catapulted him into the basketball spotlight. In the video the diminutive Newman showcasing his exceptional dribbling skills. A 5th grader at the time, the 11 years old displayed remarkable ball-handling abilities and impressive shot-making.

The clip captured his lightning-quick crossovers, precise dribbling, and confident long-range shots, leaving viewers in awe of his talent and potential. 

This video, which spread rapidly across social media platforms, introduced the world to Julian Newman’s extraordinary basketball prowess and marked the beginning of his journey as a basketball sensation.  Adding to Newman’s hype was when the 4-foot-5 fifth grader scored record 91 points through only three quarters

What is Julian Newman’s height?

Born on September 6, 2001, Julian Newman was always smaller than most of his peers. During the height (no pun intended) of his prep career, SLAM listed the then 15-year old Newman at 5-5.

Speaking of his height, Newman’s consistent presence on social media often have people wondering how tall Julian is; especially when he began competing at higher levels and was clearly one of the shortest, if not the shortest player on the court. Unfortunately for Newman, his prospects for a professional basketball career came to a halt, in part because his height is officially listed as 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters).


Julian Newman Profile Summary and Bio
Full Name Julian Newman
Date of Birth September 6 2001
Height 5ft 7" 1.70m
Hometown Orlando FL. USA
Father Jamie Newman
Mother Vivian Gonzales
Siblings Jaden Newman (Sister) Zion Newman (Brother)
High School Downey Christian School
Position Point Guard
Notable Skill Exceptional Ball Handling
Viral Video Highlight Reel at Age 11
Achievements Rising Basketball Sensation
Social Media @juliannewman4 (Instagram)
Nationality American

As you know, we can count on one hand how many NBA players made it into the league at that height (or shorter), it’s safe to say basketball betting sites aren’t wagering that Newman will ever become an NBA player much less playing professionally.

How old is Julian Newman?

Julian Newman is officially listed as 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). He was born September 6, 2001 in Orlando, Florida and currently lives in Las Vegas Nevada.

Julian Newman’s age is 21 years old. He was born September 6, 2001 in Orlando, Florida and

Julian Newman’s road to the NBA began in High School 

Julian Newman, heralded as a point guard prodigy, began his early high school in Downey Christian School where he made a name for himself as a standout player. For his senior season, Newman transferred to Prodigy Prep, a new school based in Orlando and created by his father, who would coach the basketball team and quickly became a central figure on the basketball team. Despite his stature, Newman’s skill set and determination allowed him to excel on the court, proving that height is not the sole determinant of success in the sport.

Throughout his high school career, Julian Newman earned numerous accolades and demonstrated his ability to lead his team to victory. His exceptional ball-handling skills and scoring ability made him a force to be reckoned with on the court, attracting the attention of college scouts and basketball enthusiasts around the nation.

Where is Julian Newman Now?

As of this article, Newman  currently lives in Las Vegas Nevada. Julian is pivoting his basketball career a little and is choosing to pursue a career as a social media influencer. He participates in paid-outs on Instagram and has a reality television show with his family called “Hello Newmans.” Additionally, he advertises “Prodigy,” his own brand, on his Instagram.

Whether on the court, in training sessions, or through his online presence, Newman continues to inspire aspiring basketball players and fans alike through his social media pages

While Julian Newman’s journey has captivated basketball fans across the globe, his association with the NBA offers an intriguing narrative. The NBA, known for its exceptional talent pool and fierce competition, has seen players of varying statutes make a significant impact on the game. As of the time of writing, Julian Newman has yet to be drafted into the NBA.

While the path to the NBA can be challenging and competitive, Newman’s unwavering dedication to the sport continues to drive his pursuit of excellence. Regardless of whether he receives an official NBA draft opportunity, his journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and the ability to overcome perceived limitations.

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