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How Many Times Has Four NBA Players on Same Team Scored 25 Points in Same Game?

Against the Indiana Pacers last night, the Los Angeles Lakers achieved a couple historic feats. The game marked the Lakers’ highest-scoring game in 37 years in their 150-145 victory over the Pacers. The Purple and Gold hadn’t seen this many points since a game against the Phoenix Suns right after the new year in 1987. This was the Showtime Lakers at their peak; Magic Johnson pushing the fastbreak with James Worthy and Byron Scott filling the lanes and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the half-court. Those 150 points weren’t the only interesting achievement.

Four Players on Same Team With At Least 25 Points

This final score also saw a unique stat line on the Lakers side. This was one of the very rare occasions that four players on the same NBA team scored at least 25 points each. This 4×25 was a milestone last reached by the Lakers in 1971 and the only other time we were able to locate (though I am sure there are many others). Here’s the 2 instances where 4 players on the same team has scored at least 25 points:

Four Players on Same team to Score 25 points in Single Game
DATE TM Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 OPP FINAL
01/24/1971 LAL Wilt Chamberlain 35 Jerry West 32 Happy Hairston 28 Keith Erickson 25 CIN 142-131
03/24/2024 LAL Anthony Davis 36 Spencer Dinwiddie 26 LeBron James 26 Austin Reaves 25 IND 150-145

The Lakers last had four players score at least 25 points in the same game was against Cincinnati Royals during the 1970-71 season. The Royals were led by Tiny Archibald and Tom Van Arsdale where they faced a Lakers team with their own future Hall-of-Famers Wilt Chamberlain (35 points), Jerry West (32 points), and Gail Goodrich. In this game though, Goodrich had an off-game with only 9 point, but that was offset by Happy Hairston‘s 28 points and Keith Erickson’s 25points. They helped the Lakers score 142 points over the Royals.

Fast forward over 50 years to the Lakers game against the Pacers, Anthony Davis led the charge with 36 points and 16 rebounds, while LeBron James contributed 26 points and 10 assists. Joining them in this high output game were Spencer Dinwiddie with 26 points, and Austin Reaves, who added 25 points. Reaves was the last to reach that threshold and it was needed as he sealed the deal with six crucial free throws in the final minute.

Lakers 150, Pacers 145 (March 25, 2024)

The Lakers, who have been on a winning streak with three consecutive victories and five wins in their last seven games, faced a challenge from the appropriately named Pacers. Despite leading by 17 points at the start of the fourth quarter, the Lakers saw their lead dwindle as Indiana ramped up their game, scoring 46 points in the final period. However, Los Angeles held strong, clinching the win with a critical performance in the last minute.

LeBron James praised both the Lakers, Dinwiddies and the Pacers after the game.

On the other side of it all, Anthony Davis critiqued the team’s defensive play, emphasizing the need for improvement.

The Pacers, led by coach Rick Carlisle, showed resilience, with Tyrese Haliburton’s late three-pointers bringing them within a three-point margin. Indiana’s coach expressed frustration over the free throw and foul disparities, which significantly favored the Lakers. Despite the loss, the Pacers had a balanced scoring effort, with Pascal Siakam scoring 36 points and other teammates contributing significantly.

The Lakers’ achievement is notable not only for the high score but also for the collaborative effort among the team members, showcasing their offensive strength and ability to persevere under pressure. This game sets a high bar for the team as they continue their season, demonstrating their potential when their key players synchronize effectively on the court.

The 4×25 is One of Those Rare Statlines

The 4 x 25 is one of those very unusual occurrences in the NBA. So much so we’ve only been able to find less than a handful of instances. This also lines up with other rare achievements that we’ve kept track here on Interbasket. Including NBA quadruple doubles and quintuple doubles, you know we love these type of stats. Here’s a sampling of similar type same team/same game box score peculiarities.

We’ve done our research and there’s been at least six times where 5 players on the same team scored at least 20 points each in the same game.

How many times have 5 players on same NBA team scored at least 20 points in a single game?

Then there’s been 21 games (at least) where three players from the same team have scored at least 30 points in the same game.

How many times has 3 players from the same team scored 30 points in an NBA game?

Another related stat line in the same category is the seven times when ten players on the same team scored double digits in the same game.

The NBA record for the most players from one team to score in double figures (10+ points)

As always if there’s any missing team accomplishments, please reach out to us (or comment on the post itself). We absolutely want your feedback!

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