Here’s 10 pro tips on how best to place winning basketball bets on an online casino

Eric Paschall and Ky Bowman of Golden State Warriors

Basketball is  one of the most popular sports in the world. Just like football and other popular sports, betting in basketball has grown tremendously to become a big industry with many betting firms and bettors. The bettors place bets regularly on the upcoming basketball games not only to enjoy the thrill by having their favourite teams win but also to win some money in the process.

10 Pro Tips for Basketball Betting

Owing to the fast pace and plenty of action that come with the speed of basketball, the sport brings more action as compared to other sports that are more slow paced. As a result, placing bets on basketball games provides a lot of ups and downs when compared to soccer or baseball.

So, how can you make the most out of placing basketball bets in an online casino? Well, you need a good strategy like with casino games, about which you can read more about at This article will give you 10 of the most important tips you need as a beginner.

Check the team’s schedule Fatigue plays a significant role in the victory of a team in basketball. In basketball, a team often plays several games throughout the week. As such, look closely at the number of games a team has played lately and how many games they are likely to play in the next few days. If a team has played at least four games in the past five days, you can bet that they are likely to be exhausted if they have more games coming up. This means that they will be much slower and more likely to under perform.

Moreover, consider where the games will be played. Away or road games often take a toll on the team’s ability to perform, especially when they are required to travel over long distances for their games. The far the distance they travel the more they get exhausted, especially because they travel frequently. By carefully considering all these aspects, you will have more chances of winning your bets.

Look out for at home games More often than not, no team in any sport is likely to lose when playing at home before their fans. This is true, especially with most basketball teams. Basketball teams tend to cover the spread, especially when they are the big home underdogs. A home team has to work harder to impress fans at home while the away team might fail to impress, especially when they are trailing. As such, be on the lookout for teams playing at home because they have a higher chance of registering a win.

Road favorites after a defeat One of the most popular strategies in basketball betting is by checking out for teams that are preferred in an away game after a sounding defeat in their previous match. Such teams are often stronger and preferred to win an away game after a huge loss. This means they still command talent and stamina that the odds makers still see in them. Moreover, such teams are going to be fired up, especially after being embarrassed, thus providing you with a better opportunity to place a bet and win.

Review your games for value Undoubtedly, the odd makers understand their jobs perfectly and they are good at it. They put out lines that are attractive but make it difficult for bettors to get value. This, however, doesn’t imply that value isn’t therein. Whenever there are several games on progress, you are likely to find some lines with a dent. Small games, in particular, are going to attract lesser time when it comes to creating their lines. Since there is no specific criterion in finding the bad lines, the only thing you need is a strategy that you can use to find the bad lines and then capitalize on them.

Start by setting up a system to help you determine where you think the line will be before kick-off. You can then place a bet on the match that seems to have value.

Assess the line-ups This is one of the most basic tips that is also most ignored. When you are looking to place a bet on games, it is vital to check out the injury reports as well as the roster before you place your bets. Are Kawhi Leonard or Joel Embiid missing the game due to load management?  Is Zion making his debut or Kyrie Irving coming back from injury?

Most importantly, ensure that the players that you are banking on to deliver a win for your bet are slated to play in that particular game. This doesn’t require lots of time, yet it will help you save more money in the end.

Basketball Betting Mistakes to Avoid

While betting, you don’t want to make simple mistakes that will cost you money. When placing bets on basketball games, some simple mistakes will end up being very costly not only on your betting ego but also on your possible profits. Below are some of the mistakes to avoid in basketball betting.

Choosing Your Games Based on Highlight Reels Let the news highlights be. They can make a losing basketball team appear to be on form when it isn’t. As such, avoid creating a bet slip based on the highlight reels. It will cost you big time. Instead, try to watch the whole games to get a clear picture of the team you are about to stake on. Although it will take longer, you will protect yourself from making wrong conclusions about the game flow.

Placing a Bet on Too Many Games Basketball games provide many games that you can select from, especially when it is a basketball season. Although this presents a great opportunity to place bets and win, you should be cautious not to be carried away with the number of games you need to bet on. When you bet on too many games, it means that you aren’t looking for value in your picks.

Overstretching to News Media Sports news media aren’t your friend, especially when you are trying to get value and cashing receipts on basketball betting. Note that sports news media can help in particular areas and fail in others.

The news, for instance, come in handy when you want to get news regarding injuries, announcements, trades among others on time. Bank on them, therefore, on this kind of stuff but don’t rely on them when you are looking to find value in your bets. They will most likely tweak their views on the game while paying more attention to emotional stories rather than stating straight facts.

As a result, they are likely to confuse and influence you in picking your games based on emotions and not facts, which might cost you in the long run.

Utilizing Insignificant Statistics Using statistics to analyse your basketball bets helps draw informed conclusions. However, trouble starts when you don’t use them well. When using statistics in your selections, ensure that the source of the statistics is authentic. Cross-check the numbers to ascertain that they are genuine and that you are not being fed incorrect statistics. Moreover, get statistics and trends from the most recent games. This is because out-dated statistics will cost you dearly.

Chase Losses Betting is a game of chances; you either lose or win. The sooner you accept that the better. This isn’t just true with basketball but all gambling. Don’t start chasing your losses by increasing your stakes or bets; this will get you broke sooner that you expect. More often than not, this strategy leads you to ZERO.

Now that you know precisely what you need to do to win placing basketball bets, all you need to do is start playing. To ensure your odds of winning are good, we have also reviewed the common mistakes that you have to avoid when betting on basketball games. With this information, we believe you will be able to take your basketball betting experience to the next level and be able to cash in from your stakes. Get started now!


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