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Here’s 3 games you can compete with a friend: FIFA 23, CS GO, DotA 2

Do you consider gaming a sport? Many do – mainly players that spend hours a day playing a competitive, strategic game. However I would say that gaming isn’t a sport by definition: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Gamers will argue that there is physical exertion that occurs in gaming, but that’s a technicality brought up to bring respect to the gaming. But gaming doesn’t have to be a sport for it to be respected. It’s clearly a popular and much-loved past time.

Where ever you stand on the is gaming a sport argument, there’s no arguing that there’s plenty of games that require skilled players in a team setting. Though it might not be a team sport, not everyone can do it. Here’s three of our favorite video games.


FIFA 23 is a cult football simulator that is improved and updated every year, improving the graphics and general physics of the ball, players and stadiums, giving the feeling of participating in a football holiday, albeit a virtual one.

You can play the following modes

FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, is an online mode with its own tasks, goals and divisions. You have to play for the selected team, but you will need to get the performers from random sets, and not get a ready-made lineup.

You can play with a friend while in the same division and work your way up together, improving your playing skills and overall squad. To get good players, you need to open bronze, silver, gold and special sets. To open sets, you need a lot of FIFA coins, you can get them as follows:

  1. Follow the link and buy the required number of coins with a guarantee of anonymity and compliance with all necessary masking measures.
  2. Complete tasks – special tasks that are implemented within matches and can be completed at any time, the main thing is to fit within the time period of the task.
  3. Moments – a special mode in which FIFA 23 recreates for you a game moment that you need to complete with a goal under certain conditions. For example, to score a goal for Mbappé with a pass. The ball must be put into the goal with a header. If you delay or lose the ball, then the moment will fail, and you will need to replay.
  4. Squat Battle Challenge – a mode in which you must assemble a game squad based on the budget and requirements that the board of directors dictates to you. The tasks will be different – for example, to find and invite three players from England with a rating of at least 85 to the team. The more difficult the tasks you solve, the better the reward you will receive. Often these are game sets and cards of specific players.
  5. Squad Battle – a mode in which you play with your squad against players gathered by another gamer, but controlled by artificial intelligence. Such a match will help you test your squad, earn coins and overcome jitters in online matches against other players.

If you do not need a long game with pumping and constant rivalry and support in matches against other players, you can simply play against each other in a random match, with a full squad and without any rewards.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

One of the most famous confrontation shooters where players participate in battles on game cards on the side of the special forces, or terrorists, in order to gain game rounds and win entire matches.

To play with a friend in the status of an opponent in CS:GO there are many maps created by other players, since the game itself is designed for global team confrontations and the smallest official mode in terms of the number of players is 2v2.

You can play 1v1 on AIM maps, these are matches designed to improve your shooting rate and at the same time find out the status of the best shooter. On such maps, weapons are immediately issued and often alternative equipment options are scattered throughout the map.

You can play 1v1 Arms Race mode. To win, you need to kill your opponent with all types of weapons in CS:GO, which will be an excellent training for shotguns, semi-automatic weapons, sniper rifles, pistols and assault rifles. The one who first kills the enemy with a knife wins. Sooner or later, everything will come down to a knife duel and the winner will be revealed.

You can find co-op missions in the workshop and complete them with a friend. Often these are tasks where you need to start with one pistol, get weapons and kill a large number of opponents without allowing death until you run through the entire game map. The most meticulous developers adhere to the image of the Condition Zero when creating such cards.

Defense of the Ancients 2

One of the most recognizable competitive games in the gaming industry. The face of steam is at the level of CS:GO and is considered intellectual chess, due to the large number of characters, their skills and a large set of variations for their use.

You can play against each other in several modes

1×1 Mid – Playing different or identical characters on the central line, where the winner is determined by two kills of the opponent, or the destruction of the central tower. Hit creeps to get gold and carry consumables with the help of a courier. Create a lobby and play in Deadmatch mode – You will play a random character that will change when you die. You need to kill your opponent 40 times to win and balance your item build.

Turbo mode – can be created through the game lobby. You can deploy bots, or remove them and play 1v1 with faster gold growth, faster courier arrival speed and weakened towers.

Play Pudge or Mirana to practice accuracy or just to compete against each other.

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