Euroleague Final Four Starts

euroleague final four

The Euroleague Final Four starts today in Milan. The weekend will be filled with other activities like the three point shooting contest and the slam dunk contest. The semis are scheduled for today and the battle for the third place and the finals will be held on Sunday. The first game of the semifinals will feature CSKA Moscow and Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv.

CSKA Moscow vs Maccabi Electra
Start: 6 PM CET


This will be a rematch from the 2006 and 2008 Euroleague finals when both CSKA and Maccabi were the two best teams in Europe. The good thing for CSKA is that they will welcome their starting playmaker Milos Teodosic after a nasty injury. He was back in the squad for the last two games of the Panathenaikos series and showed signs that he can put out his maximum effort. Maccabi on the other hand doesn’t have any injury problems and they are the lowest seeding team in this final four group. They showcased great team spirit in the series against Emporio Armani and proved that they are still one of the best teams on the continent. The key matchup for them will be the battle under the rim where they have slight advantage in Sofoklis Schortsanitis. He will need to stay out of foul trouble while guarding Nenad Krstic and Sasha Kaun in order to be a key element for Maccabi tonight. Here’s what Milos Teodosic had to say before the game:

“We are trying to be as focused and as prepared as we can because it will be tough. We won twice against them this season, but this game will not be anything like those two during the Top 16. This time there will be a lot more pressure, with both teams trying to play the best they can. I expect an interesting semifinal game. Knock on wood; I feel fine.”

euroleague final four
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FC Barcelona vs  Real Madrid
Start:  8 PM CET

euroleague final four

The most interesting duel of the Final Four and even in the whole Euroleague season this year. El Clasico will take place in Mediolanum Forum in Milan. It is not only matchup between the two best sport franchises in Spain, but in whole Europe as well. Both squads are filled with experienced and talented players on each position so it will be extremely hard for them on the defensive side. Reason for this is because they have similar players on each position. Key matchup will be between Navarro and Fernandez. Navarro didn’t have a great series against Galatasaray, but he was battling a leg injury during that period. Now he is healthy and we all know that he can explode in big games like this one. Rudy Fernandez is the more athletic individual in this matchup and stands as one of the best defenders in the league for his position. Here is what Navarro had to say about today’s game:

“The moment is finally here. The game against Real Madrid is getting closer and closer, which is what everybody wants. As always, I am happy to be here, it is a special weekend. In the end, after playing so many Final Fours, the bottom line is that we must win.”



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