Draymond Green’s funky “triple double without points” is the first in NBA history

The “points “component of a triple double (or even a double-double) is the easiest category to satisfy. That’s because you can score in a variety of ways — a basket is worth two or three points, you can score and get fouled. Or you can get fouled and shoot two free throws. Hell, you can even score a point by shooting a technical foul.

In any of those scenarios you can accumulate anywhere from one to four points on one offensive possession. More than half the league averages at least 99 possessions per game. My point is points is relatively easy to come by.

What’s very difficult to do is to get a triple double without scoring 10 points, in fact it’s so difficult that no player had ever done it in the history of the NBA. But that’s just what Draymond Green did in a 122-107 win over the Memphis Grizzlies when he recorded 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals.

Yes, that’s a triple double without scoring 10 points. This is from an all-star that’s averaging 10.7 points going into the game. To make it even more of a crazy triple double, Draymond was technically closer to a quadruple double with blocks than he was with points –recording five blocks in that same game. With a couple more points and another block, dare I mention quintuple double?

What Draymond Did Was Rarer Than Rare

A triple double without 10 points is such an anomaly that it’s somehow more impressive and definitely more elusive than a quadruple double — which has been recorded just four times in NBA history. For you liberal arts majors, that’s three more times than what Draymond’s funky triple double.


To write it all out, it means not only do you have to get 10 or more rebounds and 10 or more assists, but you also have to get either 10 steals or 10 blocks. To put that into deeper perspective, the Golden State Warriors lead the entire league in steals at over 9 per game (AS A TEAM) and also lead the league in blocks at just over 6.

Again, the team leading the entire league doesn’t average double-digit blocks or steals, so the chance that the any individual player would get 10 steals or 10 blocks in addition to ten rebounds and assists is a rare occurrence in of itself. Not only that, the ten steals was a new Golden State Warriors team record.

On top of all that, this was only the second time a triple double occurred with steals according to NBA.com:

The only other player in NBA history to officially register a triple-double that included steals was San Antonio’s Alvin Robertson, who posted the rare quadruple-double against Phoenix on Feb. 18, 1986 (20 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals).

We salute Draymond for having the weirdest triple double in NBA history.


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