What are some legal vaping and e-cig alternatives I can consider if Juul is banned?

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Even with some problems facing the vaping industry, the popularity of vaping is still rapidly on the rise. The leader and face of the industry, Juul has taken much of the hit, allegedly targeting minors with flavored juices and marketing campaigns. This has caused the company to do an about face with their bubble gum, cotton candy and mint-flavored nicotine e-liquid.

Alternatives to Vaping

The vaping process itself is mainly done through inhaling and exhaling vapor or aerosol. For this process, one needs an e-cigarette or a similar device such as vapes or pods along with the aforementioned e-liquid. These devices do not produce tobacco smoke as a cigarette would, but an aerosol, which is often mistaken for water vapor.

Vaping devices have evolved throughout the years since 2007 and they inspired new alternatives in the market now that the industry is under siege.

With the concerns, problems and deaths associated with vaping, what are some legal alternatives one can consider?  Surprisingly, there’s a lot of options out there. With a variety of new alternatives to vaping, more and more questioning if there is a device that can prove to be better than vaping nicotine, and if so, how and why? This is a concern that is on a lot of people’s minds, and this is why we’re providing you a list of the choices if you want to move away from Juul and vaping.

Dab Rigs Dab rigs are one of the innovative inventions made for all the smokers out there. They are just right for any occasion. Smoking from dab rigs is arguably said to be better than vaping for the many features that they have. They can be used from home or on the go. Additionally, they have a high quality that makes it very durable. The competition is in how they can rig your life with how they satisfy your needs. Any simple or starter kit will make your smoking experience better as you can simply enjoy your concentrate on it.

Pipes Even though pipes have been around for a long time, today they are so evolved that they compete with vapes. Pipes are mostly preferred for how portable and elegant they can be, and you will always manage to find the right one for your needs because it always  has a stylish appearance. Apart from these facts, pipes can be made from a number of materials. The materials vary from glass, plastic, and even rubber. The modern shapes of the pipes are becoming very creative. The old-school Sherlock pipe is now designed to appear in different forms, such as shapes that are related to food, animals, or plant figures.

Bongs One of the greatest alternatives can also be a nice piece of living room decor is a bong set. With the many figures, shapes and designs that bongs can come in, they can reflect your personality or mood in almost any way you prefer. From beaker to tube to “gas mask” bongs, these versatile bongs compete with vapes because of how they satisfy your needs despite the budget that you set for them. Another fun thing about bongs is that they can be easily customized to your own personal taste with almost any material that you prefer such as glass, bamboo, metal, or ceramic.

Bubbler Bubblers are similar to bongs and like bongs, bubblers also come in different forms and shapes, from simple to artistic-looking systems. What mainly makes bubblers ideal is how they have a few parts to take care of, this factor makes it very easy for you to carry a bubbler around. Additionally, they are known to be better for not having the big hits that bongs or any other smoking device deliver.

And obviously, there’s cigarettes, but we all know the problems and health issues associated with smoking.

Vapes differ from one type to another according to their uses. With all of the modern smoking inventions that are made and like any popular activity or product, the vape industry has created alternatives in the market. The previously mentioned smoking devices are emerging as major competitors to vapes. They are tailored for your own style and are just right for your use and budget.




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