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Who are Dillon Brooks’ past and current girlfriends?

Dillon Brooks plays for the Memphis Grizzlies and thanks to his reputation as a trash-talking and agitator with the propensity for playing dirty on the court, he’s parlayed his behavior into increased publicity in the last couple months.

Just this season alone, he’s gotten involved with superstars LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell and Anthony Edwards as well as several back-and-forth’s with the Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. You can certainly wager at Jackpotcity Casino Canada that Brooks will make more headlines with the NBA Playoff bracket kicking off this weekend.

On top of Brooks’ attempts at intimidation and hurting other players, the team he plays have went from an exciting young underdog to an NBA team that is similarly-disliked for the amount of trash talking and lack of humility. You could say that Brooks is the heart of the Grizzlies.

Who is Dillon Brooks Current Girlfriend?

With Brooks gleefully accepting his increased time in the sun, like all athletes in the public eye, Brooks’ personal life beyond basketball is also being analyzed. This includes what Dillon Brooks’ race is, who is parents are, where he grew up (Canada) his college stats and who Dillon dated , and who his current girlfriend is. Much of which is often used by fans to insult and criticize him online.

On the latter Brooks’ current relationship is with a woman known as Big Bambina. Big Bambina, whose real name is Danielle M. Frappier, is a 32-year-old Instagram model originally from Canada. She recently addressed rumors that she is transgender, stating that they are false. It’s unclear where these rumors originated, but some have speculated that they may be part of a larger media campaign to discredit Brooks, who is currently facing scrutiny for his on-court behavior.

We’re not sure who gave her the nickname “Big Bambina” but you can speculate the reason for the name by checking out Bambina’s photo above.

Prior to Brooks’ dating Frappier, he had a long term relationship with a woman named ‘Heather’ and had a daughter named Mila. Heather’s @heatheraaaaa IG profile lists that she is a real-estate broker, a licensed cosmetologist and working on her law degree. Mila has appeared many times in post-game interviews with Brooks. You can see Heather in the above photo.

Is Big Bambina Trans?

Unsubstantiated rumors have circulated about Big Bambina’s gender identity, prompting her to speak out and clear the air that she is not transgender.

Others have suggested that Big Bambina herself may have played a role in promoting the rumors, possibly in response to Brooks’ alleged infidelity. However, there is little concrete information available about her past or personal life, and some have noted that an Instagram account with over a million followers that was initially attributed to her does not appear to exist. While Dillon Brooks may be a public figure, he and his girlfriend are entitled to some privacy.


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