Dennis Rodman Says LeBron Would Be “Average” in ’90s-Era NBA


NBA fans have long compared LeBron James – who is widely regarded as the current era’s best player – to Michael Jordan, who is often referred to as the greatest player in NBA history. However, Dennis Rodman – who we can now call an NBA fan – says that James would be no match for Jordan and that the defending champion Miami Heat wouldn’t stand a chance against his old Chicago Bulls squads.

On Friday’s edition of the Dan Patrick Show, Rodman went as far to say that James would be “average” compared to the talent from the ’90s era of NBA basketball. Said Rodman:

“It’s really not a comparison. If LeBron was playing in the late ’80s and early ’90s he would be just an average player. To do what Michael has done … what he did was more charisma, there was more articulating and stuff like that. LeBron is more like … there’s no flash to his game. He’s a great player, don’t get me wrong, he’s a hell of player, I’ll give him that. But to me, Scottie (Pippen) and Michael are probably the two best 1-2 punches I’ve ever seen.”

Rodman also compared the era in terms of physical play, saying Jordan excelled in an era where less fouls were called and more physical play was tolerated.

“LeBron came into the age of the game at a perfect time. Michael came into the game when back then you could hit people, knock him down, shoot a free throw and get back up,” Rodman said. “And LeBron can’t do that. All they do today is (complain) about a foul. All they do is (complain).”

As someone who has lived through and watched both eras, it’s hard to imagine James as an average player in the ’90s. It’s also hard to elevate him above Jordan, considering James still has many great seasons to put in, but would the old Bulls really be that much better than the Heat? Rodman seems to think so.

“It would be no contest. The Heat has better talent than we had, but we had smarter players,” Rodman said. “That’s the only thing we had, smarter players. … I would take Bosh out of his damn game easy. That’s not even a problem. And how would Dwyane Wade match up with Scottie Pippen? Really? And Scottie Pippen would guard LeBron easy. And how are you going to cover those two guys (Jordan and Pippen)?”

Some call comparing eras pointless because there’s no way we will ever truly know who the better players are and who would have beaten whom. But we do know one thing: This debate will rage on for a long time to come.




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