Trade or Not, Carmelo Anthony Will Reach 20,000 Points Next NBA Season

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As always, Carmelo Anthony is going to get his. Whether he’s traded or not this NBA off-season, Melo marches to his 20,000th NBA point.

A lot of discussion comes into play whenever Carmelo Anthony is mentioned. Especially in this off-season. There are those NBA followers who believe that he is a great player and then there are those that are skeptical about his overall value.

The skeptical ones believe that Anthony has to do more than he is currently doing to be considered one of the greats and that includes playing more defense. These are two sides of the story that may never come to one conclusion but one thing is quite obvious, Carmelo Anthony can score the damn ball.

That’s why July, August, and September will be full of Carmelo Anthony, for better or worse. In fact, reports say that he’ll be chatting with Phil Jackson this Friday to discuss his free agency.

Carmelo to Join 39 Other Players to Score 20,000 NBA Points

It’s no surprise the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets are after him. Anthony has a knack to be offensively efficient in the midrange – a player that can hit tough shot after shot. In fact, Melo has made a career out of it; he’s currently the NBA player closest to hitting the 20,000 points milestone and he seems to be going there faster than anyone else in the NBA. With an average of 28.2 points on 45.5 percent shooting in the current season, it’s only a matter of time before he reaches the 20,000 milestone.

Currently standing at 19,958 points, Carmelo Anthony needs only 42 points to get to this milestone.

This presents an opportunity for Carmelo Anthony to be among the top twenty fastest players to reach this milestone. Trade or not, if Anthony remains fit and avoids injury, he is bound to get to this milestone in the next 2-3  games. And really, no one would be surprised if Carmelo got 42+ points in his first regular season game.

No doubt, he’ll reach that milestone next season, after 792 games and 11 seasons. That means ‘Melo achieved that milestone faster than Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant, but behind his modern peer Lebron James, whom Anthony was drafted along with in 2003.

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This is quite a great feat considering there are only 39 other players to have hit the 20,000 points milestone and to do it in under 800 games is an achievement he can be proud of. The fastest player to have hit the 20,000 points was Wilt Chamberlain in 7 seasons and an amazing 499 games with the second on the list being Michael Jordan after 9 seasons and 620 games.

Unless there is a drastic slump in his form, which is highly unlikely, Carmelo’s numbers are likely to be almost identical to the previous season if not much better. At this rate, there seems to be nothing that will hold him back from getting to 25,000 points, most likely in the next two seasons.

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