Carmelo Anthony Scores 20,000th NBA points (6th Youngest, 15th Fastest)

Carmelo Anthony Collage Triplets

Last night, Carmelo Anthony hit the 20,000 point milestone in his 793rd career game in a win over the Charlotte Hornets.

We were off by one game in our off-season estimation of when Melo would score his 20,000th point. Clearly we’re not Nate Silver and would likely be refused entrance to the MIT Sloan Sports Conference. In our defense, Carmelo needed just 42 points coming into this season and who would have guessed it would taken the shot-happy Knick to go three games before notching his 42nd point?

Not us. We were banking on him going for 42 in the opener, but that was pre-triangle offense.

In any case, ‘Melo becomes only the 40th NBA player to hit 20,000 points in their NBA career.  The appearance of Vince Carter and Antwan Jamison on that list aside, that’s quite the personal accomplishment.

“I never thought I would be sitting here talking about me scoring 20,000 points,” said Anthony. “I used to look at when I played with [Allen Iverson] back in Denver and I’d look at him and see his stats and say, ‘Man, you got 20-something thousand points.’ I never thought I’d be here talking about me reaching that milestone. I’m definitely humbled by this experience and I got more to go.”

If you’re into meaningless soundbytes then  Carmelo is the sixth youngest player to hit the mark. At 30 years of age and 157 days he follows LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, and Oscar Robertson. That said, as we’ve been over ad nauseum; ‘youngest’ does not mean ‘fastest’.

Here are the ten players that reached 20,000 points the fastest (games played):

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10 Fastest Players to 20,000 NBA Points

It took Carmelo 793 games to hit the 20,000 point mark placing him as the 15th fastest player to get to that milestone. Nothing to sneeze at considering the former Syracuse Orangeman reached 20,000 faster than Kobe Bryant (811), Larry Bird (809), Hakeem Olajuwan (833), Dirk Nowitzki (876), and Charles Barkley (858).

Next up? Another 2003 NBA Draft alumni. With 2,400 points to go,Dwyane Wade needs another two injury-free seasons to become the 41st player to hit 20,000 NBA points. See you in 2015-16.

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