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Can You Watch NBA Finals or NBA Playoffs Games on NBA League Pass?

So you bought NBA League Pass thinking you would get full access to the NBA postseason, but realized that you don’t necessarily need a NBA League Pass subscription to catch the excitement of the NBA Playoffs or NBA Finals.  All NBA playoff games will be broadcast live on ABC, ESPN, or TNT. In other words, this means you can watch these playoffs games live without needing a League Pass subscription.

Can I Watch NBA Playoffs on NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass does not show live games that are broadcast on ESPN, ABC, or TNT. Instead, these games become available to rewatch on-demand within a few hours after they have ended. And unfortunately, there’s no easy way around this NBA League Pass blackout as there are with regular season games being broadcast locally.

All playoff games are nationally televised, so you won’t miss any action even without League Pass if you have YouTube TV or cable TV that includes these channels. For those wondering, you don’t need to order from a separate website; the games will appear on League Pass just like the archived regular season games.

This setup is perfect for those who prefer streaming the games the following morning or a few hours into the night.

NBA League Pass Lets You Run It Back

However, if you were with your boo catching up on the Mad Max series after consuming some THC gummies and ordering some pizza or Chinese while Game 4 was airing on ABC then NBA League Pass could come in handy.

So if you prefer the flexibility of watching on-demand, NBA League Pass is a good option that has you covered. According to NLP rules regarding blackouts, you can watch any of the NBA playoff games that aired on ABC, ESPN, and TNT on-demand three hours after they conclude. For those wanting to catch games airing on NBA TV, upgrading to the Team Pass is essential.

NBA League Pass offers an alternative way to stream the NBA playoffs after the fact, but it’s not the only option especially if you prefer to watch the NBA Finals or NBA Playoffs live. National TV broadcasts from the big name networks make it easy for fans to enjoy the games live. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the combination of national broadcasts and the on-demand capabilities of League Pass ensures you won’t miss a moment of the playoff action.

If you miss the live broadcast, NBA League Pass lets you watch these games on-demand three hours after they end. For games aired on NBA TV, upgrading to the Team Pass is necessary. This flexibility makes NBA League Pass a valuable option for catching up on all the playoff action.


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