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Can Steph Curry Dunk? Yes Of Course (Watch His 32 NBA Dunks)

To anyone that pays attention to the NBA on a regular basis, questioning whether Steph Curry can dunk is ridiculous.

However taking a step back, it’s somewhat understandable why a very casual basketball viewer (notice I didn’t say fan) would wonder or question whether Steph Curry can dunk. Part of the reason is that Curry’s most-viewed highlights come from distance. And although he’s really efficient around the basket, when he does get to the rim, Curry’s vertical doesn’t inspire people to jump out their seats – it’s his layup package below the rim that impresses.

The idea that Steph Curry can’t dunk isn’t helped by the fact that he’s blown a few attempts in his career.

Yeah. Curry has a mastery over several important skills that has made him of the one greatest NBA players in the history of the game, but clearly he hasn’t fully mastered the art of dunking. We love Steph, but to truthful he wasn’t missing these dunks because he was trying to dunk in traffic,  jumped too high or was pulling off a windmill. His misses perpetuates whether Curry can dunk the ball at all. So can he?

Yes Steph Curry Can Dunk

We tried to hold off on answering the question straight up, but of course Steph Curry can dunk the ball. If the 5-3 Muggsy Bogues can put it down then Curry surely can.

Just because his mastery over the three point shot, dribbling, floaters and get to the basket are more below-the-rim skills, you have to remember that NBA players are at the very top of the world’s best athletes. Can Curry crush the rim on the fastbreak like Russell Westbrook or go behind the back mid-air and still clear the rim easily before slamming it down like Zach LaVine? Not during a game he can’t, but yes Steph Curry can dunk, and he’s completed several dunks in game.

If you’re hyped up from seeing Steph Curry flying through the air for basic one-handers, a couple two-handed dunks, and some hanging on the rim; here’s another video compilation with more of exactly what you’re looking for.

Now if you’re taking on prop bets on whether Steph Curry will dunk in his next game, the NBA lines probably have the odds very low. That’s not from a lack of ability to get above the rim, but it’s not in Curry’s typical game package. Fans don’t come to Golden State Warriors games to see Curry hammer down tomahawks; they come to see Curry hit long range daggers at critical junctures of the game.

“(Curry) is special in that regard. The way that he’s able to affect the game by being able to run around and play off the ball and get himself open…. you can’t take a break. The instant you think that he’s not doing anything… that’s when you get burnt.” Celtics Defensive Player of the Year Marcus Smart said about defending Curry in an interview with MassLive. “He can affect the game at all levels, passing, play-making, shooting the ball, scoring the ball. He’s got the whole package, and you have to be able to guard every last thing he has.”

Well everything but dunking the ball, but his greatness isn’t about slams.

How Many Dunks Does Steph Curry Have

Steph Curry has played in 13 NBA seasons and in those approximately 960 games across the regular season, playoffs and all-star games, how many dunks has Curry completed in that span?  We don’t have the exact data, but we can say confidently Curry has dunked approximately 25 times during the regular season according to this Quora thread from 2018 that looked at available NBA data at that time.

Steph Curry's Dunks (Regular Season)
Season Dunks Games
2010 0 80
2011 3 74
2012 0 26
2013 3 78
2014 4 78
2015 4 80
2016 7 79
2017 3 79
2018 1 51
2019 N/A 69
2020 0 5
2021 N/A 63
2022 N/A 64
2022 N/A

The most dunks Curry had in one season was his magical, unanimous MVP season in 2016 when he had seven dunks in 79 games which means Curry dunked once every 11-12 games. If we’re including Steph’s in-game dunks in the NBA all-star game, that adds another five dunks; making for a total of at least 30 dunks in his NBA career.

Any question of whether Curry can dunk should be answered by the above video where he catches alley oops, pulls off a 360 during warmups, gets way above the rim for a two-hander, and bounces the ball to himself before throwing down a reverse dunk. So yes Stephen Curry can get above the rim and dunk, and officially he’s proven that with 30 dunks in his NBA career.

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