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Printable 3 team double elimination bracket

3 team double elimination bracket

The 3 team double elimination bracket is the best way of organizing a short tourney. Learn more about it here.

3 team double elimination bracket

There are times when you need to organize a short tournament with a low number of teams or players, like nine or seven players. However, all you need is 3 players to conduct a tournament, and the 3 team double elimination bracket is the best way of doing it.

Since the single-elimination system makes everything shorter, a tourney using this system with just 3 teams is way too short. That is ok if you want to get things done quicker, but if you really want to enjoy a short tournament, then the double elimination system is much better.

That means that the 3 teams will be able to really fight for the title of champion. Of course, having to go through loses, a straight spree of wins, or redemption in the finals against the best, is much more engaging. Still, this type of tournament doesn’t really exist in formal sports nowadays, so we can assume that the use of it will be strictly amateur.

Organize your 3 team double elimination tourney

This tourney is easy to organize. Imagine that you’re playing with your friends one day, and decide to test out who’s the best out of the three. That’s when this system comes in, and it’s fairly simple. Just set up a random draw to assign who’s going to be the seeded player waiting for the winner of the first phase.

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  • How to decide? Well, you can always flip a coin or, at least in basketball, decide shooting some baskets. After that, the tournament should proceed like any other double-elimination tournament, with the same rules, or modified rules like best-of-three for each set of matches.

Download the best 3 team D.E brackets here

Add some formality to the tournament by downloading the best brackets here. They will help you to organize your own tournaments, as well as to follow closely other tournaments with a visual aid that’s easy to print.

You can download them in three formats:

3 team double elimination bracket xlsx


In customizable Microsoft Excel XLS.

In an easy-to-print PDF.

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