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Blank NCAA Women’s Tournament Bracket (2017 March Madness)

We’re just a an hour or so away from the start of the 2017 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Games are starting around noon (EST) on Friday, Marc 17th.

If you’re still on the Internet, looking for a blank, NCAA bracket to print out to help follow the action as the 64 teams get started with the tournament action, you’re not alone. Many NCAA fans of all genders are procrastinators.

Fortunately for you, Interbasket has you covered. The 2017 edition of the Women’s March Madness will be the first-ever to hold their Final Four in Dallas, and this is also the first tournament to hold the Final Four and Championship game over the weekend instead of during the week since 2002.

We have included a number of great resources for you to enjoy below to include brackets from, Yahoo, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated. If you are looking for the seeded bracket for the men’s tournament, we have you covered there as well. Enjoy!

Who are the #1 Seeds in the 2017 Women’s March Madness Bracket?

Similar to the men’s basketball tournament, the women’s consists of four regions of play with teams seeded from #1 to #16 this year. The full list of  all four #1 seeds are as follows:

  1. UCONN
  2. South Carolina
  3. Baylor
  4. Notre Dame

Unlike the men, there is not a First Four on the women’s bracket, so the overall field of play consists of 64 instead of 68 teams. UCONN is heavily favored to repeat as NCAA Tournament Champions again this season


Blank NCAA Women’s Tournament Brackets for Printing:

Although there are a number of very reputable resources online when it comes to the women’s tournament, there are not as many options available as for the men’s tournament.

Luckily, because both the men’s and women’s core tournament bracket is made up of 64 teams (32 games in the first round), a blank bracket doesn’t discriminate by gender or any other attribute that might make Donald Trump feel uncomfortable. That means technically, you can print out a blank men’s bracket and accomplish the same for the women’s tourney. That said, we’ll still provide you links and sources for the WBB tournament, so we can support.

If you know of any that we have missed, please share with us in the comments section below.’s Blank Bracket for WBB just doesn’t have a bracket for the men’s tournament. They are also the authoritative source for the women’s tournament. You can check out their March Madness bracket here to help you follow the action. Womens

Sports Illustrated’s Women’s NCAA Bracket

Sports Illustrated is another great site to lean on when you can’t find all of the information and news that you want for the women’s tournament bracket to help complement your other news sources when it comes to following the tournament action.

ESPN March Madness Blank Bracket (Women’s)

ESPN is one of the top sites available when it comes to following the action for the 2017 Women’s NCAA Tournament. Although the tourney does not get the volume of traffic from fans that the men’s tournament does, it still has similar resources invested when it comes to finding a good bracket in PDF and other formats.

ESPN Women's Bracket

You can see ESPN’s bracket as the header image of this post as well as the image above. Go to their site to download and print out their blank version in PDF or play with the bracket interactively on ESPN’s Bracketology page. Or print out the JPG version.

Yahoo Sports’ Blank Women’s Bracket

Yahoo Sports is another great resource for women’s college basketball fans. The site provides in depth coverage of the tournament along with a quality bracket for you to download and print.

Interbasket: Blank NCAA Women’s Tournament Brackets

Women's Bracket

At Interbasket, we love to provide quality brackets for college bball fans to enjoy — we get odd pleasure knowing that many of the brackets we’ve provided are sitting on desks all over the world.

We feel the the same for the women’s edition of the tournament with all of our PDF and fillable, excel formatted bracket with seeds for you to use to follow the game action. As we mentioned before, a blank bracket with (unseeded) 64 college teams knows not if it’s for the men’s or women’s tournament, so if none of the above tickle your bracket-fancy, then take a look at some of the men’s printable and blank tournament brackets.

But, hurry and print it out and get your picks in before the games start.

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