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Blank March Madness bracket to print for 2017 NCAA basketball tourney

blank tournament bracket

Hey. It’s March. It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s ready to turn millions of blank March Madness brackets into winners. Thousands of printers will see life again so that these fanatics can print these fillable 2017 NCAA tournament brackets.

March after March, year after year, sports fans find themselves drawn to (like competitive lemmings) filling out their own take on bracketology both before and after the March Madness seeds and matchups are released. And many will still be filling out brackets deep into the Sweet Sixteen.

As we’ve done the last several years, Interbasket has included a number of great bracket options for you to check out this postseason to include ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, Yahoo, and below for you to check out while following the action this postseason.

We have also created and posted our own blank 2017 March Madness bracket for fans to download and enjoy this postseason.

Who Earned the Top Seeds in the 2017 March Madness Bracket?

The final seeds were determined on the CBS Selection Sunday broadcast when it aired on Sunday, March 12th. The #1 seeds in the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are going to come down to a small number of teams. Heading into conference tournament play, Kansas looked to likely be the overall #1 seed, and they were closely followed by Villanova, Gonzaga, and North Carolina. Although UCLA is ranked high as well, they may find themselves pushed to a #2 seed in the tournament. Well, look no more, here are the top seeds:

  1. Villanova
  2. Kansas
  3. North Carolina
  4. Gonzaga

Other teams that were battling it out for high seeds included Kentucky, Arizona, Oregon, and Louisville. Duke has dropped a fair bit over the last few weeks of the season; however, the Blue Devils should still come out with a decent overall seeding depending on how the Selection Committee sets up the rest of the field.

Get Your Blank 2017 March Madness Brackets:

At Interbasket, we always aim to help our fans find the most relevant and useful information when it comes to following basketball.

Besides posting forecasts of who should do well in the NCAA Tournament, we have also collected a number of the better known sports websites for fans to check out the brackets below to help follow the action. If you have others worth following, please leave us a comment below the article or on our forum. Enjoy!

Sporting News Printable Bracket

Sporting News bracket

The Sporting News is one of the most established sports sites out there. For the 2017 edition of March Madness, the site has a nice bracket that you can fill out both online and download the bracket in PDF if you desire to have a printable version on paper to follow the games.

ESPN March Madness Bracket

ESPN has great support for following March Madness every year. The popular sports website includes their bracket in both an online version that fans can use to enter the 2017 ESPN Tournament Challenge, as well as blank, printable PDF format if one prefers to download their bracket to do their own bracketology for the games get started.

ESPN 2017 brackets

Yahoo Sports Bracket Challenge

Yahoo Sports is another big sports website that consistently has great support for fans following the action during the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Although better known for their fantasy sports throughout the year, Yahoo also has their own bracket challenge that fans can create their own contests with other friends or make entries to compete for prizes against other basketball fans.

Yahoo Sports printable blank bracket’s Blank Bracket

At Interbasket, we always lean on recommending college basketball fans go and checkout what the NCAA actually posts for news and brackets when it comes time for March Madness. The same holds true for the 2017 edition of the popular Men’s basketball tournament if you are looking for a bracket. It is typically easier to find the brackets on the site once the seeds and matchups are set for the tournament.


You can check out the latest bracket for the 2017 NCAA Tournament from the site above.

Sports Illustrated

SI (Sports Illustrated) is a very well-established sports website out there that offers a free, printable bracket for college basketball fans to use to help follow the game action.

SI 2017 Blank brackets for NCAA

Over the years; however, the usability of their site is a bit more challenging when compared to some of the other sites we have covered, but this could simply be from not being as familiar with their layout as we are with destinations like ESPN, Yahoo, and the You can check out their college basketball and March Madness coverage here.

Interbasket: All the Blank March Madness Brackets

As mentioned (and if you look around the site) Interbasket covers March Madness from weeks before Selection Sunday. knowing the excitement and passion intensifies around mid-March, we look to produce the highest-quality and diverse set of March Madness brackets; from empty and blank, to filled in with the seeds, online to printable, excel or PDF, black and white to color, and as you’ve seen above, we’ll share some of the WWW’s best brackets.

We’re not so arrogant to call ourselves bracket connoisseurs, but we’ve been at it for some time now. In any case, here’s some of the best blank brackets for you to choose from:

Empty March Madness bracket that's printable

Printable PDF or JPG (full size)

printable march madness brackets for ncaa 2017

Available to print in PDF and JPG (full resolution)

print 2017 march madness bracket

Available to print out in blank PDFExcel or JPG

blank march madness brackets

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