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Blank and printable NCAA Tournament brackets for 2017

It’s the opening Thursday of March Madness and this is when your blood pressure rises. College basketball fans are counting down the minutes and are extremely excited to check out the action for the opening round of games now that the First Four is complete.

As a result, many late-to-the-game fanatics will be furiously searching for blank 2017 NCAA Tournament Brackets for last-second-buzzer-beating printing today before the games tip off. Do you want one that’s seeded, or a completely blank one to fill out your own picks, or simply want to have a nice bracket to help follow the game action? Whatever your bracket-needs are, we have collected some of the best options out there for you to check out the brackets and plan which games you are going to watch over the coming days of the tournament.

Interbasket has included a number of the best printable bracket options for you to check out below, to include offerings from Yahoo,, ESPN, and the Sporting News below. If you would like to check out our own bracket, we have one posted for you to enjoy here if you would like to download a free, blank 2017 March Madness bracket this postseason.

Who are the #1 Seeds in the 2017 Tournament?

Every Selection Sunday broadcast has some surprises in it this past Sunday, the overall #1 seeds didn’t seem to have many surprises in them – at least to the four teams that got them.  The full list of #1 seeds is here:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Gonzaga
  3. Villanova
  4. Kansas

Despite losing in their respective conference tournaments, Kansas and North Carolina both to earn their way to overall #1 seeds for the upcoming tournament due to their strong regular season play and finish to the season. Similarly, Louisville remained a #2 seed despite losing in the ACC Tournament, while Kentucky remained in a strong position in the #2 slot by winning the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Blank Tournament Brackets to Print Today

You can find a number of the best brackets available on the Internet below. Please feel free to share with us any other brackets that you find of note in the comments section of the article, and let’s fill out the bracket, sit back and relax and really enjoy some basketball now that you’re done selecting the winners for each matchup.’s Blank Bracket

If you are just now searching for a nice, printable NCAA Tournament bracket, then you should definitely check out the source oat The have the most current 2017 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament schedule if you are looking for a bracket. It is typically easier to find the brackets on the site once the seeds and matchups are set for the tournament, and it’s of course set at the right price of free!


You can see the latest bracket (updated for all the game action) for the 2017 NCAA Tournament from the site above.

Sporting News Printable Bracket

Sporting News bracket

The Sporting News 2017 March Madness Bracket is always a great option to use to fill out online or to download the bracket in PDF if you desire to have a printable version on paper to fill out as the games get started.

Sports Illustrated College Bball Brackets

SI (Sports Illustrated) is another one of the “Big Dogs” when it comes to finding a quality, printable bracket for March Madness. Much like the magazine, itself they offer up both an online and offline bracket for you to fill out. So you have one choice more today — do you prefer a keyboard or pencil?

SI 2017 Blank brackets for NCAA

Despite some of the challenges when it comes to actually figuring out where things are on the site, they have some pretty decent 2017 March Madness coverage that you can find here.

ESPN NCAA Tournament Bracket

ESPN has become the gold standard when it comes to providing quality sports information and news on March Madness over the years. Like the Sports Illustrated, ESPN has both an online and offline version. The site offers a 2017 NCAA Tournament Bracket in both PDF format as well as an web-bracket that you can fill out online if you choose to participate in their popular ESPN Bracket Challenge.

ESPN 2017 brackets

Yahoo’s Bracket Challenge for 2017

Though the company as a whole has had a rough several years, Yahoo Sports (and Yahoo Fantasy Sports) continues to be one of the actual profitable and thriving sections of the sprawling search engine and Internet portal.

Yahoo Sports is another one of the proven sports news sites that delivers consistent reporting on all of the March Madness action. Yahoo has both printable brackets as well as their
NCAA Tournament contest that fans can create their own contests with other friends or make entries to compete for prizes.

Yahoo Sports printable blank bracket

Interbasket: Blank NCAA Tournament Brackets

Hey, we’re being humble here by putting ourselves last, but we think we’ve done a pretty good job over the years. Here at Interbasket, we also like to do the March Madness bracket thing and provide the best CBB resources for fans to best enjoy the action. Whether you want a PDF or fillable bracket, filled out or blank, yellow or white, Sports Illustrated or ESPN’s, we aim to please. We have included some of our blank bracket options for you to check out below:

Empty March Madness bracket that's printable

Printable PDF or JPG (full size) The bracket below is available in multiple formats to print out in blank PDF, editable Excel or JPG format — though JPG won’t print out as clear.

blank march madness brackets

printable march madness brackets for ncaa 2017

This blank bracket above is available to to print in PDF and JPG (image version is in full resolution)

print 2017 march madness bracket

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