How many times has 3 players on the same team scored 30 points in an NBA game?

When the Golden State Warriors defeated the Sacramento Kings in a wild comeback behind Stephen Curry‘s 35 points, Kevin Durant‘s 33 points and Klay Thompson‘s 27 points, a few thoughts went through my mind that I was surprised I never thought of before.

First, the modern day Run TMC (KDC?) were obviously damn close to each having 30 points on the night. Secondly, has Durant, Thompson, and Curry ever scored 30 in one game together and lastly, what’s the most points scored by three teammates in an NBA game where each has at least 30 points? Welcome to my stream of consciousness.

Three Players on Same Team with 30 points in Same Game 

So now that we’re too far down the well with no chance of pulling ourselves out without knowing the answer: who were the highest scoring trios where each scored at least 30 points in one NBA game?

Who were these Big Threes in NBA history? The answer is many of the trios you’d expect to see, but also many you wouldn’t. Let’s take a look at what our internet research bubbled up. Here’s the list sorted by the most-combined points with the requirement that each teammate had to have scored at least 30 points in the same game. We also included whether that game required overtimes because it’s obviously more impressive when three players accomplish 30 points within four quarters than an additional couple periods.

NBA Trios to Have Scored 30 Points in One Game
Total Team Player Player Player Date Notes
123 DET Isiah Thomas (47) John Long (41) Kelly Tripucka (35) Dec 13 1983 Three Overtimes
109 CHI Zach LaVine (47) Otto Porter Jr. (31) Lauri Markkenan (31) Mar 01 2019 4OTs
103 NYK Richie Guerin (39) Willie Naulls (33) Cleveland Buckner (31) Mar 2 1962 Same game as Wilt's 100 point game
100 CIN Wayne Embry (37) Jack Twyman (32) Oscar Robertson (31) Feb 3 1961 Each also had 10+ rebounds but lost to Wilt's 52 points
100 POR Isaiah Rider (35) Brian Grant (34) Arvydas Sabonis (31) Nov 14 1997 Blazers lose in 4 overtimes
100 MIA Jimmy Butler (36) Duncan Robinson (34) Bam Adebayo (30) Dec 10 2019 Miami goes on 22-0 run
98 SEA Dale Ellis (37) Xavier McDaniel (30) Tom Chambers (30) Feb 26 1988 Sonics Big Three go for 30+
98 GSW Tim Hardaway (35) Chris Mullin (33) Mitch Richmond (30) Feb 26 1991 Run TMC
98 LAC Montrezl Harrell (34) Paul George (32) Lou Williams (32) Jan 05 2020 1 starter and 2 bench players
97 CLE Mike Mitchell (34) Dave Robisch (32) Randy Smith (31) Jan 29 1980 Who who and Randy Smith
94 MIA LeBron James (33) Chris Bosh (31) Dwyane Wade (30) Mar 27 2011 Heat trio also have 10+ rebounds
94 HOU Kevin Martin (33) Aaron Brooks (31) Luis Scola (30) Feb 26 2010 First time in Houston Rockets history
91 OKC Russell Westbrook 31 Kevin Durant (30) James Harden (30) Mar 7 2012 Info

It wasn’t easy to compile this list as the information wasn’t readily available and it’s one of those searches that requires several words.

  • highest scoring trio in one NBA game with at least 30 points
  • most points scored by three teammates with 30+ points
  • three players score 30 in the same game on same team

You get what we mean. Needless to say there was a lot of searching, but ince we identified the handful of these instances in NBA history, there were some expected Bog Threes, some fun blasts from the pasts and a few surprises that no one would have ever guessed.

The Highest Scoring Trios in One NBA Game (30 or more points)

The highest scoring trio of teammates in one NBA game occurred in the highest scoring game in NBA history, The game was won by the Detroit Pitons 186-184 over the Denver Nuggets. The Pistons had three players that scored over 30 points in Isiah Thomas (47), John Long (41), and Kelly Tripucka (35), but they weren’t even the highest scoring trio in that game, much less history — that went to their opponents Kiki Vandeweghe (51), Alex English (47), and Dan Issel (28).

No surprise in seeing the Miami Heat’s Big Three of LeBron, Wade and Bosh on this list or the OKC trio of Durant, Westbrook and Harden. The list also reminds of a couple fun trios from the late 1980s in the Golden’s State’s Run TMC and the Sonics’ high scoring Dale Ellis, Xaiver McDaniel and Tom Chambers.

However we’re surprised we don’t see the legendary Boston front court trio of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. Surely Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor accomplished this 30 point feat several times? Nope. The Los Angeles Lakers trio came close a few times, but there wasn’t one game in which all three scored over 30 points.  What about Shaq, Kobe and Karl Malone? Nope.

In the place of those legends are some respectable threesomes that may not have been NBA all-stars, but all outperformed for one night; like when Kevin Martin, Aaron Brooks and Luis Scola went for 30+ in a game vs. Phoenix back in 2010. Then there was Knicks trio of Richie Guerin, Willie Naulls, and Cleveland Buckner that each scored 30 or more points, but were relegated to a side note in Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point outburst.

Again all good players, but not one star.

After doing hours or searching and looking at box score, I think it’s safe to say that it’s not an easy feat to have three players from the same team to score 30 or more points in the same game. Even when the 1959 Boston Celtics scored 173 points on the Minneapolis Lakers, the Celtics still couldn’t get three players above 30 points. And even with three combustible players like Curry, Durant and Klay on the same team, it’s not a common

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    Yesterday zach lavine scored (47), lauri markkanen scored (31), and otto porter scored (31). They combined for 109 points.

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