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The NBA’s 500 Best Plays, Top Highlights for the 2022-23 NBA Season

Whether there’s one game on the schedule or every team is in action that night, the NBA will always release a video compilation of the best plays in the NBA from all that night’s games after the last game has finished.

Called the Top 10 Plays of the Night these short two minute montage videos are a quick way to catch up on all the NBA game highlights if you’re just getting home the night shift, after a movie a night out with your friends, or whatever caused you to missed that night’s slate of games. We’ve certainly watched our share of these “Top 10 Plays of the Night” video highlights on our phone after midnight and right before bed.

All together these nightly highlights encompasses the story of the season; every crazy dime, high flying dunk, help side block, buzzer beater, crossover, half court shot, amazing layup, broken record, and game winner from that season. The highlights are somewhat democratic too, so it’s not just from that season’s all-stars (though it heavily favors them) every player in the Association to make the daily highlight clip.

The NBA’s Best Plays, Highlights of 2022-23

According to ExpressVPN’s report, sports streaming numbers have rapidly grown in recent years. For millions of people, streaming has become the primary way to watch videos, shows, clips and movies, so we thought it would be a great idea to embed every one of those “Top 10 Plays of the Night” in one post so NBA heads could see all the best plays from the 2022-23 season in one place.

Seeing as the regular season runs from October 18th until April 8th that’s approximately 165 days with games on the schedule (factoring in some holidays), that’s a lot of video embeds. If each one of those days each had 10 highlights, we’d have over 1600 top plays at season’s end.

But we were ready to put in the work. As we started to compile every one of this season’s NBA’s Top 10 Plays of the Night videos, we realized the NBA was publishing out “NBA’s Top 20 Plays of the Week” (they need to update their playlist) that summarizes the NBA’s best plays for that given week. Though the completist in us would love to see every great play from the season — all 1,600 — we think that a curated list of the top 500 plays would be sufficient.

What better way to bring together all the best players of the NBA season than collecting NBA’s Best Plays?

Best Plays in NBA 2022-23
Week Ending Video URL
Week 01 Oct 18-Oct 23 Top 20 Plays of the Week – Opening Week
Week 02 Oct 24-Oct 30 Top 20 Plays of the Week 2
Week 03 Oct 31-Nov 06 Top 20 Plays of the Week 3
Week 04 Nov 07-Nov 13 Top 20 Plays of the Week 4
Week 05 Nov 14-Nov 20 Top 20 Plays of the Week 5
Week 06 Nov 21-Nov 27 Top 20 Plays of the Week 6
Week 07 Nov 28-Dec 04 Top 20 Plays of the Week 7
Week 08 Dec 05-Dec 11 Top 20 Plays of the Week 8
Week 09 Dec 12-Dec 18 Top 20 Plays of the Week 9
Week 10 Dec 19-Dec 25 Top 20 Plays of the Week 10
Week 11 Dec 26-Dec 31 Top 20 Plays of the Week 11
Week 12 Jan 01-Jan 07 Top 20 Plays of the Week 12
Week 13 Jan 08-Jan 14 Top 20 Plays of the Week 13
Week 14 Jan 15-Jan 21 Top 20 Plays of the Week 14
Week 15 Jan 22-Jan 28 Top 20 Plays of the Week 15
Week 16 Jan 29-Feb 04 Top 20 Plays of the Week 16
Week 17 Feb 05-Feb 11 20 Best Plays of the Week 17

Here are the league’s top plays and most-exhilarating highlights from the opening week of the NBA to the closing week of the 2022-23 regular season. We’ll continue updating this post on a weekly basis as the best play videos are put out. Enjoy.

Week 1 Top Plays: Paolo Banchero Makes His Mark

Week 2 Best Plays: Luka Luka Luka!

Week 3’s Best Plays: Matt Ryan from the corner!

Week 4 NBA Highlights: Josh Hart Game Winner

Week 5 Best Plays: AJ Griffin Buzzer Beater

Week 6’s Top Plays: Myles Turner with the Hammer

Best Plays from Week 7: Andrew Nembhard beats the Lakers

Week 8 Best Plays: AJ Griffin strikes again

Week 9 Top Plays: Kyrie’s Big Stepback

Week 10 Highlights: Aaron Gordon posterizes Landry Shamet

Week 11 Top Moments: Magic Luka Goes for 62

Week 16 Top Moments: Shroeder’s casual buzzer beater

Week 17 Best NBA Plays: LeBron Becomes NBA’s All-Time Scorer

We know that’s not quite 500 highlights, but as of this publication, we’re just over a third of the way into the season, so bookmark this page to see the season’s full highlights and top plays when the 2022-23 season wraps up. Can’t wait? You can also go to the NBA’s official YouTube channel to see all the NBA’s full collection of the  Top 10 Plays of the Night for the current season.

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