Miss basketball? Here’s 10 basketball-related activities you can do at home to improve your hoop skills

It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re located, the Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted your life in so many ways. The inability to get together much less go outside due to the quarantine, self-isolation, and safer at home guidelines set across the globe has basically relegated us to our homes.

That means for those of us that love basketball, whether be it as our exercise or our primary source of entertainment (or both), we’ve needed to get creative.  Basketball heads are forced to discover new ways to improve our hoops knowledge and skills during this surreal time.

How To Improve Your Skills During Self-Isolation

So how does one continue to develop their basketball skill set and knowledge when we can’t go to the courts or watch the NBA, WNBA, Big 3 or Olympic basketball? Even when we can’t go out to local court to play some pick  up, there are other ways to sharpen your skills, up your fitness level, and avoid temptations that may set you off track once we’re able to get back on the court.

Some ways to continue doing this during self-isolation are:

  • Increase basketball knowledge
  • Maintain or improve level of fitness
  • Develop coordination skills
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Watch basketball videos

Increasing Basketball Knowledge

Most people have professions and passions that they understand well enough. As a basketball player, you may have gotten complacent when it comes to acquiring new knowledge especially in the age of social media and memes.

With self-isolation, the one thing you have in abundance is time . You can choose to read up on books on basketball, get inspired by basketball biographies, or gain insight by perusing blogs from basketball websites. Reading gives you an insight into deeper aspects of the game that may otherwise be overlooked when on the court.

Get into podcasts and DVDs

I’ve never been someone to listen to podcasts, but once I started commuting to work and got sick of listening to the same music, I started to listening to podcasts.

This is an easy way you can increase your basketball knowledge. Listening to podcasts that can give you a deeper understanding of a basketball player’s career, mindset, failures or interests that may be used for your own benefit. If you’re interested, we highly recommend The Hoop Collective, Knuckleheads, All the Smoke, and The JJ Redick Podcast – they’re not just entertaining and knowledgeable, but often fun to listen to.

If you still have a DVD player, you can break that out and watch some DVDs on basketball drills or coaching. Not everything may be translated to actual play, but over time, many of these little snippets of knowledge and tips into player mindset can prove useful.

Stay basketball fit

It may be tempting to wait for the self-isolation to end before working on your fitness, but this will be detrimental. It’s not difficult to maintain physical fitness from home.

Methods of fitness that can be done in a driveway, garage, or any vacant space of your home include:

  • Ball handling skills. There are literally hundreds of dribbling drills that can be done either with a basketball or a tennis ball.
  • Bodyweight exercise. Bodyweight exercises can be intense as you like. It is convenient because no equipment is required and you can do it from anywhere in your home.
  • Footwork, speed, and agility. The right agility footwork drills will keep you fit and keep you in top form.

On top of all of this, you can also be doing at-home workouts that will strengthen your core, improve your lateral movement, and increase overall strength.

Keep coordinated

Coordination can be worked on regardless of how experienced you are. Developing your hand-eye coordination will come in handy on the court. There are multiple games and drills available on the internet to assist with this, and many of these drills can be done alone.

Eat healthy

This one isn’t limited to basketball players, but everyone impacted by the pandemic.

Being in a confined space for an extended period of time can bring about feelings of boredom that can often be mistaken as hunger. Snacking on unhealthy foods can be detrimental in the short and long term. So it’s incredibly important that you stay mindful and develop discipline during these trying times.

Even though your daily routine is different during the self-isolation period, try to stick to a similar dietary program as before. Eating unhealthy leaves you feeling fatigued and sluggish. This can cause a downward spiral with regards to keeping your body in top form.

Watch basketball games 

Obviously there’s no live basketball to be watched at this point, but thanks to the internet (particularly Youtube), gaining access to videos of past matches is pretty easy. By watching old games or even highlights of previous matches, important observations can be culled. Ensure you’re just not watching for entertainment, but paying attention to patterns, moves and form that you can pause, watch at a slower speed and carefully analyze.

Once you’re able to go outside again, you can possibly incorporate these insights into your own game.

Some of these details include how key players change their pace and use their body during specific circumstances. Combining these details together with some of your own strategic plans could result in success.

Basketball, self-isolation and volatility

Many people in self-isolation find themselves turning towards online gaming and sportsbooks for entertainment.

Most sportsbooks, like Vulkan Casino, keep tabs on issues regarding players. Gambling expert Eliasz Nowak agrees with this statement. Sportsbooks make clients aware of certain changes, such as injuries or trades, because these do affect the betting odds.

Sportsbooks will be sure to mention the volatility of odds once self-isolation ends. By keeping yourself fit and healthy during self-isolation, you play your part in reducing this odds volatility.

As much as the pandemic has had a negative impact on the sporting world, it does not need to have a negative impact on your basketball skills. Although team basketball drills and usual training has been halted, there are still numerous ways to keep yourself in shape for when the self-isolation regulations are lifted.

It is still possible to become a better basketball player during this time. It is vital to not become complacent during this time and to think out of the box in order to push yourself and your fitness limits.



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