Average Height by Country (Males >20 years)

Yao Ming, the 7-6 center from China boxes out 5-9 Nate RobinsonIf  basketball popularity coincided with the average height of the country’s population, then Scandinavia should have many more professional basketball players.

At least according to some data that was compiled by one of our forum members, tpraseri (see Average Height by Country thread).

Member Tpraseri compiled data from across the internet, listed out the average heights of 82 countries around the world. You can see the full list at the bottom of this post.

Netherlands the tallest country
At an average height of 5-foot-11 (181,0 cm), the Netherlands has the tallest average height amongst males twenty years old and older.

Holland was followed by #2 Iceland (5-10.8, 179,8), and then the three Scandinavian countries Norway (5-10.7, 179,7),  Sweden (5-10.6, 179,3), and Denmark (5-10.4, 178,8) rounded out the top five.

And who have these countries have produced?

The Netherlands has been decently successful with Rik Smits, Dan Gadzuric, Francisco Elson, Swen Nater, Geert Hammink, Henk Norel, and Serge Zwikker.

Sweden has the recently-drafted Jonas Jerebko, Iceland sent Petur Gudmundsson to the NBA in the 1980s and Jón Stefánsson, and Lars Hansen of Denmark.

And who would have assumed that #43 South Korea (5-7.3, 171,0) would, on average, be taller than #48 Portugal (5-7.1, 170,5), #56 Brazil (5-6.7, 169,5), #69 Mongolia (5-5.5, 166,4), and #75 Nigeria (5-5, 165,0),?

Asia has the shortest countries
Asia owned the six shortest countries on the list, mostly Southeast Asian countries.

The only country shorter than #81 Indonesia (161.5, 5’3.6) and the #80 Philippines (162.0, 5’3.8) was #82 Cambodia clocked in as the country with the shortest average height for males at just 160,3 (5’3.1″).

To see the full chart, see below:

Countries Height (cm) Height (in) Population
Netherlands 181,0 5’11.3″ 16,318,199
Iceland 179,8 5’10.8″ 319,355
Norway 179,7 5’10.7″ 4,737,171
Sweden 179,3 5’10.6″ 8,986,400
Denmark 178,8 5’10.4″ 5,413,392
Finland 178,4 5’10.2″ 5,214,512
Czech Republic 178,3 5’10.2″ 10,246,178
Slovenia 178,1 5’10.1″ 2,007,711
Luxembourg 178,0 5’10.1″ 486,006
Croatia 177,6 5’9.9″ 4,496,869
Germany 177,4 5’9.8″ 82,424,609
Estonia 177,1 5’9.7″ 1,307,605
Austria 177,0 5’9.7″ 8,174,762
Belgium 176,6 5’9.5″ 10,348,276
Serbia 176,5 5’9.5″ 10,159,046
Switzerland 176,5 5’9.5″ 7,450,867
United States 176,4 5’9.4″ 293,027,571
Australia 176,3 5’9.4″ 19,913,144
Poland 176,0 5’9.3″ 38,626,349
Greece 175,7 5’9.2″ 10,647,529
New Zealand 175,5 5’9.1″ 3,993,817
United Kingdom 175,4 5’9.1″ 60,270,708
Hungary 175,3 5’9″ 10,106,017
Ukraine 175,0 5’8.9″ 47,732,079
Ireland 175,0 5’8.9″ 3,969,558
Russia 175,0 5’8.9″ 143,782,338
Israel 175,0 5’8.9″ 7,112,359
Lithuania 175,0 5’8.9″ 3,565,205
Canada 174,3 5’8.6″ 32,507,874
Lebanon 174,2 5’8.6″ 3,777,218
Turkey 174,1 5’8.5″ 68,893,918
France 174,1 5’8.5″ 60,424,213
Uzbekistan 173,4 5’8.3″ 26,410,416
Italy 173,2 5’8.2″ 58,057,477
Senegal 173,0 5’8.1″ 10,852,147
Jamaica 172,8 5’8″ 2,804,332
Mali 172,5 5’7.9″ 12,324,029
Spain 172,0 5’7.7″ 40,280,780
Romania 172,0 5’7.7″ 22,355,551
Azerbaijan 172,0 5’7.7″ 8,177,717
Uruguay 171,8 5’7.6″ 3,399,237
Argentina 171,3 5’7.4″ 39,144,753
South Korea 171,0 5’7.3″ 48,598,175
Syria 171,0 5’7.3″ 18,016,874
Morocco 170,7 5’7.2″ 32,209,101
Iran 170,6 5’7.2″ 67,503,205
Portugal 170,5 5’7.1″ 10,524,145
Côte d’Ivoire 170,4 5’7.1″ 18,373,060
Egypt 170,3 5’7″ 76,117,421
Tunisia 170,3 5’7″ 9,974,722
Algeria 170,2 5’7″ 32,129,324
South Africa 170,0 5’6.9″ 42,718,530
Cameroon 170,0 5’6.9″ 16,063,678
Gambia 170,0 5’6.9″ 1,735,464
Ghana 169,8 5’6.9″ 23,382,848
Brazil 169,5 5’6.7″ 184,101,109
Colombia 169,5 5’6.7″ 42,310,775
Taiwan 169,3 5’6.7″ 22,920,946
Chile 169,2 5’6.6″ 15,823,957
Venezuela 169,0 5’6.5″ 23,542,649
Paraguay 169,0 5’6.5″ 6,191,368
Japan 168,6 5’6.4″ 127,333,002
Hong Kong 168,5 5’6.3″ 7,210,505
China 168,3 5’6.3″ 1,298,847,624
Mexico 167,5 5’5.9″ 104,959,594
Pakistan 167,0 5’5.7″ 159,196,336
Singapore 166,6 5’5.6″ 4,353,893
Thailand 166,4 5’5.5″ 64,865,523
Mongolia 166,4 5’5.5″ 2,751,314
Malaysia 166,0 5’5.4″ 23,522,482
Sri Lanka 166,0 5’5.4″ 20,064,776
Malawi 166,0 5’5.4″ 13,931,831
Bahrain 165,6 5’5.2″ 718,306
Iraq 165,4 5’5.1″ 25,374,691
Nigeria 165,0 5’5″ 138,283,240
Peru 164,3 5’4.7″ 27,544,305
North Korea 163,8 5’4.5″ 22,697,553
India 162,3 5’3.9″ 1,065,070,607
Vietnam 162,1 5’3.8″ 82,689,518
Philippines 162,0 5’3.8″ 86,241,697
Indonesia 161,5 5’3.6″ 238,452,952
Cambodia 160,3 5’3.1″ 13,363,421

* For the references used to compile this data, go here.

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  • Thank you for writing valuable information regarding the topic. I am an admirer of your website. Keep up the good job.

  • thenorthernchinese

    northern chinese 18-25 guys are 6’1 (185cm) tall in average. im 6’4 and im not towering over people in my high school

  • Thats true. I have a friend whos around 6 ft tall, and he has some chinese lineage. He said something about an ethnic group called Hoka or something. Not the tallest on earth, but quite tall. Im not sure whats up w/ my school. I live in a mostly dutch town in Iowa, and i stand a head and shoulders taller than most at 6’5.

  • data for Mongolian is for 14 year old highschool students. For 18-24 average is 179cm (2007) census.

  • Canada = 5 ft 9 and a half for male between 25-50

  • Yup I figured

    hmmm very intersting. White folks are the tallest… then blacks and the reason why south korea is tall for an Asian country(800 pound gorilla in the room). Is because their well feed for the past 60 years. Unlike there fesis throwing neighbors to the South.

  • Acces to food, it’s quality an the quality of life play a major factor in human hight.

    I’m Romanian. Look what happened the past 2 generations with improvement in life quality.

    Granfathers: 167cm, 168cm Granmothers: 151cm, 160cm Father: 172cm Mother: 160cm

    Me (23 y old): 180cm My cousins (22 – 28 y old): 1 shortest 175cm, all other 5: 180 – 186cm.

    New generations are much taller. Me at 180cm i’m very average.

  • Interesting. I’m Mongolian and my height is 168cm and I was shortest in university.

  • maybe, mongolian avarege height posted here is not true

  • Very Strange

    This is strange… very Strange. This census is really outdated. I have been to India, Japan and China. We were doing a height census in rural, and urban areas and found the following:

    India: Males (29>) – 178.817
    Young Males (16-28)- 182.887

    China: Males (29>) – 179.823
    Young Males (14-28)- 188.887

    Japan: Males (29>) – 178.721
    Young Males (16-28)- 185.751

    Is this info been given to us really uptodate? Us we did to the Census this is what we found.

  • This is not true at all. It all depends on the age of the sample. Most of asian countries including s.korea, japan and china are much less. The sample you have taken must be young generation only, and some other countries have way higher height that you represented here…

  • The Vietnamese height is soooo right. If I calculate the average height of me and the other 3 people in my family I get roughly 5″3.5 … Sooo my family is actually below average! Haha

  • average heigh in iran is 5’8″ your chart is not very exactly but thank’s for chart

  • This date is almost correct.
    The tallest European are Dutch(185cm)
    The tallest Asian are South Korean(175cm)
    The tallest African are Kenya

  • The info on Serbs is way off!! Average Serbian and Montenegrin (most of them are Dinaric type = very tall and bony) men’s height is 186.5cm and women’s 171cm. This makes Serbian men the tallest men in Europe. Statistics are not really necessary, you just need to stand and watch people pass by in downtown Belgrade and it will very soon become obvious that the average height of people is way above any other European country with the exception of Netherlands. Dutch men and women are also exceptionally tall, but I believe I saw statistics for men – 185cm and women – 174cm. So, this chart’s is drastically incorrect! Careful citing it anywhere!

  • in wikipedia statu people are way higher.lithuania avarage is fake.in our schools say even doctor says that average height is 181.im 16years old.my height is177 and im average in class.my height should be181.i’ve been in sweden 6months maybe.and have seen many asians enough to imagine their height.their average is atleast half of head less than our average.aveage heigjt on WORLD is 174 also the best and the most healthy height for human is 175- 180

  • i am 5’6 but i want to stop growing -_- i feel too tall whenever I go to my relatives in the Philippines

  • Hahaha, bunch of Liars… 185 average in northern china? Are you kidding me… And the mongolian guy… hahaha.

  • argentina 1,71? in most studies is between 1,74 and 1,76, just like uruguay

  • I think you forgot dinaric alps people which is average man height is 186.3

  • ScienceGuy

    Anyone arguing the facts on this survey is an idiot. You do know this is a survey in which they do selective samples from groups and get the average right? Perhaps you should read the story before defending your own ethnic heights. There are always going to be extremes, very tall people and very short ones from all regions of the world. If everyone uses the “hey I know a guy taller” bullshit then every country must be over 6ft. Now these findings didn’t really tell me much about people’s height but it sure says a lot about people’s IQ.

  • Master Tarno

    Agree with most comments here, this statistic is weird and SURELY outdated, I’m Indonesian and I’m 5.8 flat (I know exactly cuz I just got health check up lately), and I’m considered as “Average” for male here in Indonesia, also a lot of my friend have the same height as mine. there are even taller than me, like 2 guys I met in my new college, they are like 20cm taller than me.
    Whoever made this article forgot the fact that world’s recent generations have grown taller.

    *Pardon my english :)*

  • iulian, at 180cm you are not average. most Romanian boys I see on the street are about 173-175cm. gotta move to a country with taller boys since i am a bit above 170 😛

  • I live in Toronto, Canada and I’m 6 4, and I don’t think I’m particularly tall. I have 3 friends that are 6 5 and over. Whenever I’m in Downtown 70% of guys are taller than 6 4.

  • in india 58.5% are 5’7”and below. 26% are 5’8”-6’0”. 14.5% 6’0”-6’3” and rest are 6’4” and above.

  • i’m 5’5” 15yr old my dad is 5’3′ mom 5’1. I see most of men in my area are 5’4”. Tallest guy i’ve seen in my place probably 6’8” perhaps. I’m one of the shortest amongst our group my tallest friend is 6’0” whose bro is 6’2” lanky and tallest woman is 6’3”

  • Eventhough this data may not be 100 % exact it is true that Scandinavians and northern west europeans are much taller and South Koreans are quite taller than other average asians. People are talking about their own experience with heights but this does not mean anything when you talk about a large number of ppl for stats.

  • i'm sure younger males are taller

    I am 21 years old Korean living in Canada. I am 5.7 and considered very short there. I would say without any exaggeration that average young Korean male are 5’9”. For Canadian, 5’10”- very multicultural country and Caucasians are usualy tallest.. Based on my experience Koreans are generally taller than other oriental race. I think it’s because Korean’s ancestors are genetically closer to Caucasian as similar to Mongolians- this is why it is suprising that Mongolians are short

  • This is humiliating. You are totally wrong. The average height for people of the Dinaric Alps (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia,etc.) is over 6’1″. You know nothing. Southern Slavic people are the tallest. But you keep on thinking with your 18th century poll results.

  • interested guy

    This is all very interesting, but the two big facts to take away are that Northern Europeans (and northern Chinese btw) are damn tall. The second moe interesting fact is that everyone seems to be getting taller (except the North Koreans who are starving themselves shorter), the question is, with people growing half an inch a generation, where does it end? will we all be 8ft in the year 3000?

  • LOL at people on here defending their own countries. Yeah, because a biased study made in YOUR COUNTRY is going to be more valid than an unbiased study of the world’s height by country.

    … and lol at the Natasha idiot saying “statistics don’t matter”, are you fucking kidding me, you dumb cunt?

    1.87m MANMORE here, come the fuck at me, you angry manlets.

  • thenorthernchinesefullofshit

    thenorthernchinese says:

    “northern chinese 18-25 guys are 6’1 (185cm) tall in average. im 6’4 and im not towering over people in my high school”


  • Hello,

    I’m a Dutch guy myself with the height of 193cm.

    As for my knowledge my height is pretty normal here. I see more and more people here these days who are surely over 200cm tall.

  • Rohen singh

    I m 5 ft 9 inch indian boyz but the average height of india is 5’5 n there r many people just taller than me

  • I Think Kenya Should be number 2. The Masai are really tall

  • I would like to know what time of day these studies were done. It is a proven fact that people are taller in the morning. As the day goes on, the spine contracts giving us a shorter height at night. The change in height can be up to an inch and a half in one day. It depends on how hard you work, as in exercise, in a day. In the morning when you wake up the next day, you will have the same stature as you did the previous morning because your spine relaxes while you are lying down.

  • I am a nepali person. I am at a height of 193cm and i think i am taller but not quite. Because i saw many people who were way taller than me. So according to the census report 2002 the average height of nepal 173cm and 166cm for men and women is incorrect. And it must be 181cm and 173cm for men and womens respectively. Include this data on your chart.

  • This is a whole lot of bullshit. I have been to India, NO ONE I have met has ever been below 5’6″ there, well with the exception of VERY few. I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that their average height is 5’3″. This list is a crock of shit. Indians are actually considered to have tall people there. Go to India once and tell me the average height isn’t 5’8-5’9ish. Lyin ass bitch. It’s also funny how you went with stereotypes of Europeans being very tall and Asians being the shortest. Unfortunately for you, an Asian who’s been to Asia saw this and knows the actual facts. Stop perpetuating stereotypes you dumb fuck.

  • This data seems a bit outdated

  • Anees Ahmad

    im from pakistan…. im 22 years old and my hight is 5.7″

  • ChineseRLiers

    @northernchinaman – In your dream. Or your high school must be one of those china institutions kidnapping little kids and working/steroiding them to death to be olympians. And let’s not forget, northern china used to be part of Mongolia and the residents there once Mongolians. The average height of Mongolia is 166cm which makes you a lier. Besides, these heights are average heights of a whole country. Everybody can say I know a certain region in my country and their average height is such and such, hence, the data is wrong. But I don’t blame you since your brain is also Made in China. There must be something wrong with it.

  • Jurjeskovici

    I’m a 14 year old from Romania and I’m taller than the average male in Holland – I’m proud of my 1.86 m height.

  • Believe me im 17 years old and im 1.86 cm and Most people in my country dwarf me. I think that the average height in Holland is now 1.90 cm

  • shortamericanfem

    5’3 age 16…I’m so short! (adverage in school for fem.) I’ve already stoped growing, so I’m gonna stay 160cm.. what’s funny is that I’m the shortest in my family on my mother’s(german, dutch, romanian, cherokee, american) and father’s (german, british, american) sides of the family..

  • fuck non whites

  • shortamericanfem

    your being quite rude and racist

  • I am not trying to dispute the results but all i know is I am 187cm tall (6ft2) and when i travel to my native land of Serbia i feel like a child in crowds considering how tall everyone else is…

  • indians average height will be 175cm

  • I’m 169 cm Swedish female (21 yrs old) and the shortest in my family. From my experience, the only people taller than us Scandinavians are the Dutch, so I would say that even though the numbers are wrong here, the list isn’t all that wrong. Also, I have travelled A LOT so I know what I’m talking about. 😉

  • hi my name Mark I’m 17 year old 5ft6inch from Philippines I’m considered tall in Philippines but in Canada,Vancouver Considered above short, but I’m still Growing tall. my brother is 5ft11-6ft he’s too tall. my family might have mix of races in our blood line.

  • im American and im 5’11 aand only 14 years old… im going to be around 6’8-6’10

  • Anonymously

    I’m from Kosovo I’m short at 166cm tall, but in Kosovo I feel slightly shorter than average height, girls there seem to be at 168-170cm tall some are short others are taller, and my brother is 188cm tall he seems average there in Kosovo.

    Dutch people are very very tall from my expirence. About Serbia and Montenegro I’ve been there and by average they are similar to North Albanians… It’s funny how when mentioning Dinaric people they refuse to mention Albanians on it considering that they are more Dinaric than the Slavs who settled in the region. The Height Dinaric mountain peaks are I. Albania, Malesia and Kosovo… But the Slavs wouldn’t mention Albanians on it, even though they are more closer related to ancient Illyrians than Slavs.

    I have been to Balkans, and I remember seeing Lithuanian and Latvian tourist there, they made both Slavic and Albanians look like insects.

  • Anonymously

    I also forgot to mention I’ve also seen a lot of Albanians in Kosovo and Malesia region taller than my brother who is 188cm tall, but there are short ones too aswell at 175cm tall or shorter… But most are similar to my brother who is 188cm tall and some are even taller, The ones in Malesia are even taller.

    Still Dutch are the tallest, the only result I don’t agree with is the Lithuanian one, they are much taller than that.

  • Anonymously

    Montengero should be added to the list as top 5. Lithuania should be higher at least top 5 as well.

    Been to Serbia they are tall but no way taller than Lithuanians or Australians or even Austrians.

    During holiday tallest people I saw was in Holland, Austria, Montenegro, Bosnian and Northern Albania… But south Albanians are short.

    Lithuania and Montenegro should be top 5.

  • i am shortest in this world . my hight is 5.2 inch my age is 23.

  • SouthernChinese

    Why are all the Non-chinese people here hating on the Northern Chinese and saying that Northern Chinese are short????? Um NO. Northern China produces the tallest people in the world. Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, Gong Li, the tallest man in the world, etc…

    The reason why China’s height is so short is because us Southern Chinese and Cantonese are dragging the average down a little. Many Southern Chinese average around 5’6″. And there are MORE southern Chinese than Northern Chinese. Once again, Northern Chinese are pretty tall. I have been to Shaanxi, Beijing, Shandong and the men and women were pretty tall. Anyone who claims Northern Chinese are short is a jealous shortfuck with a napoleon complex. 1 more thing. Many Mongolians are taller than this c’mon! The average Mongolian is a 5’7″ and their country is pretty poor.

  • Jebo te bog šta si samo Hrvate u Hrvatskoj ubrajo da su populacija 4.5 milijuna.Hrvata u svjetu ima 12 milijuna mater ti jebem i nismo 178 nego smo 181 u prosjeku.Jebu nam slavonci i zagorci prosjek bog te jebo ličani dalmatinci i hercegovci su svi po 190 cm.Croatian population is about 12 milion, not 4.5 !

  • killidiots

    Why are all the Non-chinese people here hating on the Northern Chinese and saying that Northern Chinese are short????? Um NO. Northern China produces the tallest people in the world. Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin, Gong Li, the tallest man in the world, etc…

    Northern chinese produce the tallest people in the world?

    HAHA,That’s bullshit. It’s only in your dream. Dutch,Northern German, Russian, Northern European, Balkans and etc. They’re much taller than Northern chinese. The liveing tallest man in the wolrd is Turkish. So Turkish is taller then Northern Chinese. And Yaoming is shorter than Shawn Bradley,Gheorghe Mureşan, and Manute Bol. That means Romanian, Sudan and American are taller than Northern Chinese. Besides, Suleiman Ali Nashnush the tallest basketball player in the history, he was from Libya, it means Libian is taller than Northern Chinese.

  • killidiots

    Northern chinese is taller than other East asian, but they are still shorter than many countries in the world. If chinese just pick up Northern chinese to want to compare other countries. We can also pick up Northern dutch, Northern German, Northern Swedish, Western Russian, South Crotian, etc. They are much taller than northern chinese. Either Northern chinese or southern chinese, you never be the tallest people in the world. Forever.

  • killidiots


    Even you said the turth, you northern chinese is still short. And I can say I had been to some high school in Northern Serbian, the boys are much taller than you school. 18-25 Northern Serbian guys are 6’5 (195cm) tall in average. im 205cm and im not towering over people in the Serbian high school

  • killidiots

    Very Strange
    4:30 amThis is strange… very Strange. This census is really outdated. I have been to India, Japan and China. We were doing a height census in rural, and urban areas and found the following:

    India: Males (29>) – 178.817
    Young Males (16-28)- 182.887

    China: Males (29>) – 179.823
    Young Males (14-28)- 188.887

    Japan: Males (29>) – 178.721
    Young Males (16-28)- 185.751

    Is this info been given to us really uptodate? Us we did to the Census this is what we found.

    Emmm…..Very strange. This census is really outdated. I have been to Dutch, Serbia and Russia. We were doing a height census in rural, and urban areas and found the following:

    Dutch: Males (29>) – 191.918
    Young Males (16-28)- 199.998

    Seriban: Males (29>) – 196.583
    Young Males (14-28)- 203.786

    JRussian: Males (29>) – 189.832
    Young Males (16-28)- 195.875

    Is this info been given to us really uptodate? Us we did to the Census this is what we found.

    I think you are asian, but your data is still shorter than West cencus, you are short forever

  • killidiots

    If the asian, exspeically chinese want to boast your new generation’s height. I can also say the west new generation’s are taller then your youthes.

  • killidiots

    3:23 amHahaha, bunch of Liars… 185 average in northern china? Are you kidding me… And the mongolian guy… hahaha.

    @@@@@@@HAHA, they are really liars. if 185 average in northern china, so 198 average in northern european.

  • chinesefunny

    this guy just said jeremy lin is one of the tallest people in the world lool. yeah these are just averages u guys are retards for jumpin to defend your countries. and the ones of you that are are probably the ones that are short. as for the list htis thing makes sense ive been to alot of these countries. people in holland are ####ing huge. anyways according tot his thing average for me is 5 foot 8 so im happy to stand tall at between 6 feet and 6 foot 1. People in northern china are 5 feet tall on average.

  • hi i am from pakistan i am 6foot4 and i think i am still the shortest guy among my friends who are above 6’4 what should i do to gain more height i am just 14 years old

  • Yes We R Short

    They did research before posting this so. My country has really the shortest people of all. Even our previous president was the shortest leader of the 21st century. I’m about 5’5 and my brother is like 5’7 but we are already considered tall in here. I rarely meet people with height like mine, about 2/10 maybe. There can be different factors that caused this to happen, might be the nutritional status. I can say Filipinos doesn’t really like to drink milk that much.

  • I’m cambodian-American and 5’10” my uncles are a little over 6 feet. I guess it’s because we have some French ancestry

  • @Killidiots, @Chinesefunny,
    I am a 17 year old Chinese girl standing at 5’8″. All my cousins who are girls are around 5’7″-6’1″. I have seen many Chinese girls at that height as well. Maybe you don’t live in Southern California where there are a large percentage of Asian Americans so thats why you think Chinese people are short. For your information, I am a lot taller than most white girls and my height even surpass the Dutch women’s height which is 5’6″.

    Northern Chinese are even taller. Most of America and Europe’s Chinese are mostly Southern Chinese so the short Chinese stereotype must come from them.

    You’ve probably never been to Northern China anyways. And to say that Northern Chinese average at 5’0″ is just laughable.

    Take a trip to Northern China and tell me what you see.

  • hey i’m 12 yrs old and i’m like 6’8 i think i’ll be like 7’2 . i’m from north korea gon hay fa choi le noi man do sick rup hup nup i run a 4.3 40 and i bench press 350 lbs. i squat 650 lbs and i deadlift 500. i can dunk a basketball in a 11 foot hoop. long live kim jong un

  • This is totally bulshit, am from Nigeria are you kidding m

  • india 5.3ft???? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • We've no national team shootin' hoops!

    Irish average is about 5.10 but younger people maybe 5.11 1/2 well I’m 10 and loads of my generation are projected to be 6.4 and stuff which means in 20 years or so we’ll be 5.11 3/4 or 6 foot. People 55+ their average height for men was only 5.8! Anyway @thenorthernchinese In my town there’s a Chinese community who some are tall enough say average Irish height but some Chinese men are shorter than average height for Irish women! Some of the height chart’s accurate eg.Spain. I’m as tall as 13/14 year old Spanish language student! Italy is only about 5.5 or 5.6! Spain the same! NOT ACCURATE!

  • Iranian’s average height is 5.7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL I’m a 5.9 Iranian Guy and and i’m shorter than most of men when i walk in the street , i think average height for Iranians is 5.10 🙂

  • Waddafagg?!

    This chart is not accurate. The tallest people in Europe are: Dutch (Netherlands), Swedes, Croats, Bosnians and Serbs. I’ve travelled extensively all over Europe for many years, and at 6’4″ stand taller than the vast majority of say most Norwegians, Germans, Russians, English, not to mention Italians, Spaniards and Greeks. There are of course local variations such as some areas in Spain do have quite a lot taller average height than the rest (Basque, Catalunya), and Scots do seem quite taller than Englishmen. But the average height must encompass the whole population, all age groups and all regions/areas. Hence the almost absurd chart above. No way that Iceland, Norway and Finland have taller populations than Croats, Bosnians and Serbs. At 6’4″ (194 cm) I’m actually just slightly above average when in those countries.

  • bharadwaj

    the data for the indian height is totally rubbish.The wikipedia says this is 5’6” .Which also is not based on any survey.The indians vary in heights.The north indian average height will be 5.7-8”.While the others would be 5.6”.But the main fact is we didn’t go through any survey.My height is 5.9” making me the shortest of my family.(thogh it doesn’t say this reflects the whole india).

  • well, as a Chinese guy from east coast of China(around Zhejiang Province),My point of view is that whoever thinks the northern Chinese guys are taller than the sounthern ones are totally bullshiting, I lived there for 12year I Know what I am talking about. I am 5’11 and I am considered average in my city. Be honest I do think overall Chinese men are shorter, but there isn’t much difference between north, east and south chinese. By the way, Yaoming is from south China, Jianlian Yi is from south china as well, I am not trying to say south chinese are taller than north Chinese, what i am trying to say is that they are all the same, get over it.

  • Dem Asians

    You say South East Asia has the lowest heights but from what I’ve seen, there were actually hundreds of people who were taller than me while I was loitering around. Also, you should note that these people were mostly the younger generation and that I’m 180-182 cm.

  • True South Korea was formerly the tallest Asian ethnicity, not anymore southern Chinese are the stereotypical “short” Chinese but Northern Chinese are much taller especially from the five major cities Tianjin, Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai (particularly) and Guangzhou, also Shandong province are known for tall Chinese people men usually standing at 5-‘9 or well above…..if you check china’s sports teams almost none of the players in soccer national team stands under 5’8many of them are on average 5’10 and above here’s the new list in my opinion based in new and current facts comparing the big four East Asian countries in height….tallest to shortest
    1.China PR
    2.Rep. Of Korea
    4.Korea DPR

  • These research is stupid.North Indians, South Indians and North-east Indians are different race.So,average height varies in these three regions.By the way average height of new generation has been increased to 5’7″ due to better nutrition.

  • WTF ? Croatia 1.77cm ? Is this a joke ?
    Croatia belongs to dinaric alps where the average height of people is 186cm .. Go in wiki and type human height..

    Dinaric alps 1.86cm … Dinarics are by far the highest people in the world..I don’t know where did you get these funny results… 1.77cm hmm mybe for female..Eeven the research says that people of croatia is the highest in the world with an average height of men .186 Sometimes I think it is more.. I am tall 1.83 and I feel very low near the Dalmatians in Croatia.

  • 173 could be the average for male between 18-25 in southern china.
    And the average of young man from the north is approximately 3cm taller than it.
    I’m 178 and it’s slightly over the avg.
    those exchange student in our school are so damn high!!!
    the most short guy is about 183 and the most of them are taller than
    188.just like basketball player.
    I don know where are they from, only know they don’t speak english
    and most of them are brown hair

  • ramgonzales

    i am from the philippines and stands 5’9. idk if this survey should make me feel good being taller than an average spaniard but at the same time says we are one of the smallest in the world

  • its funny how people all back up their own country. if we have to believe people on here all the men in northern china are at least 6`1 warriors and the women are all at least 5`9 models. come on chinese people go fool your dog or something or eat him. i never saw a chinese person bigger than 5`8 except that basketballplayer and hes just probably an experiment from the chinese government haha

  • Salko Mehmedovic

    Where is Bosnia at? So many missing countries!

  • Kushal Majumdar

    hmm….but i thought that japanese are more shorter than 168cm.
    they are about 164-172(male).
    and indian are more shorter than japanese 160-168(male).
    and i am not too short nor tall…i am 165cm(male).

  • Hi. I’m a 23 year old Iranian male and I’m 177cm tall. In my community, I’m shorter than about 65% of the grown men. While I can’t say anything about average Iranian male height as to guess, I can say men in our community is around 179cm tall on average. And I’m from Amol, Mazandaran, which is a rural province.

    Also, if you’re comparing national sport teams, Iran national football (soccer) squad has average of 184.3 cm. I think this is taller than that of all countries in the world except for at most 10.

  • I am filipino and I am 15 years old I am 169 cm and I am 3rd to the shortest in my class

  • yo man i am from the plant Neptune and I know these things bro!! They be way wrong on your site… like all of my rabbit homies are way taller than that. My best bro marco is 8’5″ so if you’re saying that the tallest man/rabbit is 5’11” then you sir must have dingleberris up in your doodle berries broseff. a’ight, ya hear?!?!


  • singaporeguy

    the average height of singaporean male isn’t 166cm. Is this list outdated like 20-30 years ago? Because im 174cm and im called short here. If i have to guess the average height for young male in singapore is about 176cm.

  • Most of the above reflect like children, meaning the taller the better. However the most important question is – what height is biologically optimal for mankind? The answer is about 1,75-1,80m with tolerable limit up to 1,90. It`s an established medical fact that every drastic diversions from norm such as overweight or stature overburden and faster wear out the human organism. So height above 1,88 – 1,90 is not a priority but defect and even illness. Moreover, many of giants are rather walking skeletons or suchlike. As a rule they are good only at basketball and volleyball in young age and usually become invalids when retired (lately there are also about 1,95 swimmers and sprinters – record-breakers but apparently due to chemical stimulus). Very typical for giants is also their instinctive affinity for midget women so that reach more vital, normal generation. Besides, the reason for the phenomenon acceleration ascertained for the past 50-60 years is that the humans take by meat and dairy food the drugs given to domestic animals for faster gaining height and weight. Therefore the tallest peoples such as Dutch are such ones not because of belonging to a Nordic race of supermen but for their most taking the growing stimulus by food and not for “best” nutrition at all. Therefore their needless stature is object of sympathy and not for admiration or envy. Is that clear, fools? Are all of you really so stupid and dull?!?!

  • It is alleged that Dutch are the tallest Europeans because of nutrition rich in dairy products. However they had the same nutritive regime about 150-200 years ago, when they were the shortest. Such a miraculous leap in height for the past some 20-30 years! Therefore it seems convincing the foregoing opinion that the contemporary Dutch and suchlike “Vikings” are the tallest for their most taking the overgrowth stimulus by food and not for “best” nutrition at all, but their needless stature is anyhow object of sympathy and not for admiration or envy. As it gonna be, the Dutch, Danes and so on are proud of their becoming increasingly taller but not aware of turning into peoples of Frankenstein type?! Just look at the Americans that only until about 50 years ago were considered taller than the Europeans but now they are left behind because of keeping however their optimal stature for human race (Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford are perfect models), unlike the “Nordic” Europeans. Furthermore, what amount of food is plenty for a 2,10m tall Frankenstein?! How about millions suchlike? Obviously this is steadily increasing disaster for the world, which could be overcome by ceasing artificial treating the domestic animals, which aims at quick gaining weight and height and turning them into GMO as well. In the same respect, not only males above 1,90m, but also women above 1,80m should definitely look for shorter sexual partners instead of stereotypical taller, and prejudices such as paying “public opinion tax”, need of walking on heels etc. aren`t relevant in such cases. Moreover, it is established medical fact that women taller than their male partners-fertilizers lightly carry their pregnancy and bear easier but subsequently completely recover their figures in good time. As a matter of fact, it`s even a paradoxical priority of tall women (American Zrinka Kristich should be recognized perfect indeed, despite her 1,98m height).

  • Well i live in Uruguay and i think that the height average for the country is lower than it should be at least for me, im 171.5cm tall and im considerd short on high school and not only on high school but on the daily life, theres guys in my school that are 6,0 tall, almost all of my friends in school are taller than me and all o my teachers are no less than 5,9, from what i see and compare in height in the counry i would say that the average height in Uruguay is 5,9(15-18 year olds)… problably this generations height is biger or something and im saying this from my point of view that i myself am 171.5cm tall wich from what i see im short

  • haha false mongolian man are not 168cm kidding me not shother than korean , japanese and chinese man. i think mongolian averge height is 175-177cm. i’m 6’5(196cm) not tall guy on my country.

  • hello,

    i am from the netherlands and 198 cm tall
    and i dont feel tall becouse everyone is tall here
    i think this is old information and we are taller than before
    b the way my brother is 210 cm and still fits in the most cars 😛

    have a great day,


  • Great info bt why the hell is “Nepal” not there?Nepal is a beautiful country with worlds tallest peak,”Mt.Everest” and also second richest country in water resource……..:( it feels bad that i cant find my country here

  • After a long search,great info bt why the hell is Nepal” not listed…..”Nepal” is a beautiful landlocked country also known as the birth place of lord Gautam Buddha having worlds highest peak “Mt.Everest” and also secound richest country in water resource…..:( its sad i cant find it here

  • considered a bit tall1.9 m 18 yrs but not that much in Lebanon im actually confused by this lis of height averge but im not trying to defend my country’s average also too much height isnt good for look or health a really tall person probably looks like a moving sketon and would feel heavy to move (im tall but handsome though

  • I’m 1.83 and I’m South African. I was the average height in my matric class. I was in the middle of the Middle row of our Matric photo… And they can’t blame race, because we were a multi-racial group. So I think the information needs to be checked again for South Africa…

  • Im 16 and malaysian,my height 174cm

  • Maybe these demographics are outdated. I’m a Pakistani, a female and I have 5’7″ and in urban and most rural areas average height of men is well nearly 5’8″. While this record seems peculiar.

  • constde1917

    Actually the Mexican average height is around 5ft4. Trust me, I’m only 5ft 6 but when I go to Mexico I tower over people in the street :p

  • The tallest people are from Dinaric Alps, especially high school students. I am 206 cm, when I visited some Croatian and Serbian high schools, I am not tall among those young men. Those Croatian and Serbian high school’s male may be 199 cm at average height.

  • @ChineseRLiers–Chinese are born as liars for a long time. But no matter what they said, West world and some African tribes are much taller than them.

  • @Dio–When I was at high school, there were some exchange students from eastern europa that I met them. Most of them were over 200 cm. the shortest guy was 189 cm. I had been in dinaric alps several years ago. I had seen many 7 foot tall guys there.

  • James Partisson

    I am from Boston and I have been studying for 3 yrs here in Spain. I am 5’9″ and I am usually the shortest man at most places. Most Spanish men are over 6 feet tall. So I am not sure who wrote this stupidity.
    There is a great reason why the NBA has many players from Spain like Pau Gasol and his brother Marc both around 7′. Also look at all the Spanish tennis players who are taller than 6’2″ and compared it with the average USA pro tennis player who are lower than 5’11

    BTW my blond green eyes Spanish girlfriend is 5’7″ and she is below average in Spain.

  • denneboom

    i am dutch and 1.97m, my cousins are all 2.00m – 2.10m

  • Anand Singh

    I am a Indian boy of 17 year old of height 5’7″ and I want to ask to dutch brothers what they eat. so they are to long anyone can reply me. my email address is [email protected].

  • I want to say that in pakistan the average height of males is 5’8 to 5’10 not 5’5. That is india’s average not pakistan.

  • Thank you, thenorthernchinese. I was going to make the same comment. North of the wall men are taller. Diet and availability of food is an obvious factor. My husband is Mongolian. He looked like a grown man by the time he as 14. He was so tall. Definitely, not the tallest but people were astounded that he was an Asian male at 6’3 and 270 pounds. He was all muscle and no neck in his 20s. They thought all Asians are short little guys. I hate stereotypes!! There are so many countries and people in Asia.

  • These statistics seems reasonable, especially compared to the obviously fake one’s on Wikipedia.

  • This chart is completely outdated. I know everybody will say Canada is a short country in North America. My english class did a height calculation on Canada between 4 different age groups.

    The average height in Canada is around 5’9″. Of course that’s all ages together.

    Age 55+ is 5’7″(males) and 5’2″ (females)
    Ages 35-54 is 5’8″-5’10″(males) and 5’3″-5’5″ (females)
    Age 18-34 is 5’11″(males) and 5’6″(females)
    Ages under 18 will probably be 6′ for males and 5’7″ for females here.

    So that’s the results we got for Canada.

  • Anonymous

    @Pinkor Which asian countries are you specifically talking about? Cause if we look at china japan nepal etc there average height is short.

  • turkey higher than Italy ?? what is it ?!

  • chineseisshit

    9:47 pm
    @Killidiots, @Chinesefunny,
    I am a 17 year old Chinese girl standing at 5’8″. All my cousins who are girls are around 5’7″-6’1″. I have seen many Chinese girls at that height as well. Maybe you don’t live in Southern California where there are a large percentage of Asian Americans so thats why you think Chinese people are short. For your information, I am a lot taller than most white girls and my height even surpass the Dutch women’s height which is 5’6″.

    Northern Chinese are even taller. Most of America and Europe’s Chinese are mostly Southern Chinese so the short Chinese stereotype must come from them.

    You’ve probably never been to Northern China anyways. And to say that Northern Chinese average at 5’0″ is just laughable.

    Take a trip to Northern China and tell me what you see.


    I am from Midwest in U.S., I am a man who stands 6’7, all my cousins are 6 guy and 5 girl, all guys are are over 6’5, and all girls are over 6’1. I have seen many American guys and girls are tall as well.You fking chinese midgets. I am taller than 99% of chinese, you fking chinese bitch. Northern chinese are short, and southern chinese are midget.

    The average height of young White guys and girl must be 188 cm and 176cm at least. You and your girls are fking midget compare to us.

    Take a trip to Midwest U.S. and tell me what you see.

  • Muhammad Fayyaz

    You have totally wrong Information Almost Pakistani are above than 6 ft

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