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Here’s 15 photos of Alex Caruso shirtless you didn’t ask for

Prior to game six of the NBA Finals, it was announced that Alex Caruso would replace Dwight Howard in the starting lineup.

We’re not saying that Caruso was the reason that Lakers blew out the the Miami Heat 106-93 in dominating fashion, but the balding GOAT was often referred to as the Lakers’ “secret weapon” and clearly has great chemistry with LeBron James.

“We’re one and the same when it comes to winning basketball,” James has said about the two’s similar IQs. “To see our chemistry together… I think it comes with our minds.”

Caruso Let’s Loose, Goes Shirtless

Caruso is often no-frills, all business, and always so serious on the court that it was really nice to see him smile and enjoy himself after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat of the NBA Finals. Following JR Smith’s lead, Caruso joined Howard and (an often shirtless Kyle Kuzma) by celebrating without a shirt on after the game.

We’re sure that alcohol may have added to the euphoria of winning the NBA championship that allowed the Laker reserves to let loose and lose their shirts. Here’s some of those post-game images of Caruso along with a handful of other shirtless and jersey-less photos of Alex Caruso.

And this one was posts on his instagram.

We’re not hating on Caruso at all. We see you. You did your thing man, and you earned the right to show off

(definitely more than JR Smith, who played a handful of minutes in the playoffs, but whatever).

Despite the internet always making fun of Caruso because of his refusal to shave off the peach fuzz on the top of his head, Caruso isn’t a bad looking dude. And as expected, he’s got a ripped body that 99% of the world would kill for. Here’s a few more photos of a shirtless Caruso that we found on the internets:



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