LeBron, Jeremy Lin were biggest NBA stories in 2012

If those year-end reviews are any indication of what truly mattered in any given year, then 2012 was the year of LeBron James and Jeremy Lin.

With 2013 coming up fast, the two players were included in multiple “Best Sports Stories of 2012” end of year lists for their amazing runs this year. From Sports Illustrated to Google, CNN to Facebook, ESPN to Twitter, and more, Lin and LeBron were the NBA stories that were consistently mentioned.

LeBron’s dominance of all things basketball in 2012 and Jeremy Lin’s stretch of games in February were so unbelievable that their stories are being included in many of the 2012 sports recaps all over the net. In many cases, the two are #1 and #2.

LeBron James Owned the NBA in 2012

Lebron James had a dream 2012; winning his first NBA championship (where he as unanimously voted Finals MVP), capturing the regular season MVP (his third), and took home an Olympic Gold Medal (his second).

If that wasn’t enough, James took home a third of the available NBA Player of the Week honors during the 2011-2012 season, named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, recorded the first triple double by a U.S. player in the Olympics, and was named to the NBA’s All-Defensive Team.

It’s pretty much unanimous that LeBron James ruled the NBA in 2012. His magical year of accomplishments are echoed by Sports Illustrated, CNN/SI‘s Top NBA Stories of 2012 (#1), their 112 Best Sports Moments of 2012 (#3), and game six of Heat-Celtics series made their Best Games of 2012 list, The Sporting News (#1), Fox Sports (#1), New York Daily News (#2), Yahoo Sports (#2), Men’s Health (#1), The Wall Street Journal (#8), CBS News, U.S. News and World Report, and UPI dedicated an entire piece to LBJ.

Honestly, I didn’t realize how great of a year LeBron had until I started compiling this list. Amazing. Best Year Ever?

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Jeremy Lin: A Magical February to Remember
Technically speaking, Linsanity lasted only two weeks in February, but the impact reverberated throughout the rest of 2012.

Jeremy Lin went from unknown fourth-string point guard on a plummeting New York Knicks team to confident, starting household name that outscored Kobe Bryant and led the Knicks to a seven game winning streak.

Jeremy Lin and Linsanity, as opposed to LeBron’s impact, was as much of a phenomenon on the internet as it was on the court. So much so that Linsanity was featured on Google’s End of the Year Zeitgeist video, was #5 overall in top U.S. searches, and was the most-searched athlete across the world. Lin was also listed in Twitter’s top trends (#6) and Facebook’s Year in Review (#8).

Like James, Lin was also called out in the 2012 recaps put out by Yahoo Sports (#1), Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News (#10),  CNN/SI‘s Top NBA Stories (#3) and Top Sports Moments (#2), Fox Sports (#2), New York Daily News (#3), Wall Street Journal (#10), and even The Guardian.

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