Video: Rudy Fernandez dunk on Dwight Howard

Well, it’s not quite a video of the dunk, but it’s a nice animated gif that shows just how great Rudy Fernandez’s dunk really was during the second half of the Olympic gold medal game.

On the play, Rudy Fernandez and Pau Gasol ran a very loose pick and roll on Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.  Kobe, the supposed great defender, gambled trying to steal the ball from behind Fernandez.

With Kobe Bryant behind Rudy, Dwight was forced to switch out on Rudy, whom already had nice momentum going.  Rudy paused, took another dribble and two steps, rocked the ball in his right hand and slammed the ball through with Howard too far behind to block or stop the dunk.  Rudy swings on the rim with one hand before dropping down.

You can’t see Kobe Bryant’s reaction as you did during the game’s broadcast.  After the dunk, Kobe raised his arms in frustration and it seems as if Kobe was pointing that frustration at Dwight.  i hope that’s not the case because it was Kobe’s poor defense that allowed that play to happen.

I’ll also be adding a photo gallery of different angles of Fernandez’s dunk later on.  Until then, enjoy the little animation of Rudy Fernandez’s slam dunk on the United States’ center Dwight Howard.

edit: added the video with Spanish broadcasters from MySpaceTV:

Links and Resources: Download video of Rudy Fernandez dunk on Dwight Howard (,  Rudy Fernandez Dunk Video with sound in Spanish (


  • i believe kobe was frustrated because rudy fernandez clearly hooks his left arm around howard’s during the dunk and that there was a foul called on howard. also he was probably pissed about his shitty defense. great play by hernandez though

  • Well, Kobe might be annoyed that he got taken, but if you look the pick moves further down onto Kobe’s path and to my eye Howard does a great job even getting close enough to get his arm straight up and in line with the basket as he is allowed to do. The foul is on the contact and a reward for the good play. The defender gets no love! The video far from showing up Howard or Bryant highlights what great talents they are. Nice one.

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