NBA cleared to talk, deal with Hamed Ehadadi

Just days after news broke that the NBA had disallowed any teams to talk or deal with Iranian superstar Hamed Ehadadi, as well as other Iranian basketball players, due to the lack of the correct license from the US Government, reports are that the NBA has been approved for the license and the restriction has been lifted.

Teams are now open to negotiate with Hamed Haddadi (also spelled Hamed Ehadadi).

Ehadadi is a 23-year old, 7-2 Persian center with great potential.  Many basketball fans and scouts were able to see Haddadi for the first time in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in which the Iranian National Team participated.

Though Iran’s team was by far the weakest of the twelve teams, and didn’t win a game in five games in group A, Hamed Ehadadi opened a lot of eyes with his play during the preliminary rounds.

Ehadadi averaged 16.6 points, good for eighth overall, and was the only non-NBA player in the top-ten in rebounds with 11.2.  In fact, the Iranian center led all players in rebounds through the first five games.  Ehadadi also led the field in blocks (2.6) and tied Yao Ming with the most double-doubles with two.

When NBA General Managers called to inquire about the center a little less than a week ago, the NBA put a halt to the communication because the league needed a license from the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control before proceeding.  Today, that license was granted.

Whether Ehadadi will field or entertain this overtures is unknown.  Hamed was once offered a significant deal to sign with KK Partizan, a Serbian club, but he eventually turned it down.

In addition to Ehadadi, NBA teams have also shown interest in Mohammadsamad NikKhah Bahrami, the Iranian shooting guard that led Iran in scoring (17.2) on 50% field percentage.

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